Easter was celebrated yesterday in Greece and I came across this video describing some of the Greek traditions, courtesy of the Greek Reporter:

Interestingly enough, I only did four of them yesterday and hadn’t even heard of two ones (the burning of Judas and the hot air balloons), which makes me think they’re not as widespread as the video implies. Also, we had chicken instead of lamb; weren’t in Corfu for the Botides (although I’m pretty familiar with it, as our family home overlooked one of the squares where the event takes place), and wouldn’t touch magiritsa–or fireworks. Lol–sometimes I wonder if I’m even part-Greek!

We did crack our eggs, though, participated in the Epitaph, had home-made tsoureki (courtesy of my father-in-law), and carried my lambada (white candle) to the midnight Resurrection Liturgy.

As I grow older, I realize that traditions are all good and all, but it’s even better when you make your own ones, based on your personal preferences and experiences. And the best part of it is, passing it on to the next generation, making them think it’s the done thing (“sure, honey, everyone has nachos and vegetarian enchiladas on Clean Monday in Greece. Why do you ask? Now, go hunt those Easter eggs in the garden!”).