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Through the years, a number of companies have trusted me with providing content for their websites. Although I specialize in SEO copywriting, I have also served as Editor-in-Chief for InSync Media and Azure Fire Publishing. Additionally, I have worked for InSync Media in the capacity of Content Strategist, helping them create a clear strategy for a client website content.

You can find below examples of my freelance work for some of them. If you’d like to find out more about my skills and experience, please check out my Upwork profile. And if you’d like to find out how I got started working as a freelance writer, check out this post.


I love reading what you write. Always so descriptive and fun to read. It really paints a picture and I appreciate the energy you put into everything.
Crystal Combs

CEO, 1herbs

InSync Media

As an NSF-trained copywriter, I specialize in FDA/FTC-compliant copy for CBD and nutritional supplements.

I have also worked on a wide range of projects for InSync Media in the capacities of SEO copywriter, Editor-in-Chief, and Content Strategist. These include a social media Ads course plus blog posts, emails, web content, and other marketing material for:


  1. 1Herbs
  2. AAA Satellite
  3. Afordable Inns
  4. The Aspen Agency
  5. Beet and Yarrow, curiously crafted floral design
  6. Blue Star Roll-offs
  7. Boulevard Wedding Photography
  8. BuildASoil
  9. Bytes Managed IT
  10. Colorado Home Builders
  11. Copper Creek
  12. Creative Canvas
  13. Delta County Memorial Hospital
  14. Denver Headshot Co 
  15. Distinctive Delphine – Montrose Real Estate
  16. Earthworx Excavation
  17. Embark Property Management
  18. EMH Law
  19. Fly Fishing Outfitters
  20. FluxxLab
  21. Frontier Log Homes
  22. Gardens of Cascadia
  23. General Processing
  24. Help in Colorado Injury Attorneys
  25. Hillside Natural Wellness
  26. Hispanic Affairs Project
  27. KC Vision Media
  28. Keyrenter St. Charles
  29. Keyrenter Denver
  30. Killian Law
  31. Kopper Creek
  32. LongShadows RV & Boat Storage
  33. The Luminaire Venue
  34. Magnify Signs
  35. Magnolia Fields RV Resort and Park
  36. Maslow Academy of Applied Learning
  37. Maxfield Peterson
  38. Metalvine Cybersecurity
  39. Mini C-Arm
  40. Montrose Dermatology
  41. Mountain Annie’s
  42. Mountain Hardwood Floors
  43. Move Factor X
  44. Natured Ease
  45. OnlyPure e-shop
  46. Ouray Chalet Inn
  47. Outlook Wealth Advisors
  48. Owen and Sons Inc
  49. Pest Pro Thermal
  50. Providence Classical School
  51. R&J Automotive
  52. Red Arrow Inn
  53. Renegade Services
  54. Reverent Wedding Films
  55. River Pointe & West End Church
  56. Rocky Mountain Bio AG
  57. Roemerman Law
  58. Spring Creek Chalet
  59. SPZ Legal
  60. St. Dominic Village
  61. Storm King Mountain Ranch
  62. Strategic Healthcare
  63. Sunrise Power and Gas
  64. Suzie’s CBD Treats for Pets
  65. Synchronicity Hemp Oil
  66. Telluride Tire and Auto
  67. Timebank of the Rockies
  68. Tools4ever
  69. TreeMover (Environmental Design Inc)
  70. Tribe Tokes
  71. Twinwood Farms
  72. Valley Restoration and Construction
  73. Waterside Poolscapes
  74. Wide Focus Social Media
  75. Wildtree, Wildlife-Preferred Trees & Shrubs 
  76. Zemvelo (Mineralife)
Nicholas has worked on several copywriting projects for my company, InSync Media… I keep coming back to Nicholas because of his professionalism, quick turnaround times, over delivering on the required word count, and seamlessly including keywords to our specific requirements. Plus, his writing is enjoyable to read, even on technical subjects! His latest project for us was writing the web copy for a CBD processing company. We have launched this website, and the copy is nearly 100% Nicholas’ work. He did this project on a quick turnaround and did excellent work!
Laura Williams

CEO, InSync Media

Amazon Advertising

SearchNurture hired me to help them write a series of posts on Amazon Advertising. Anyone interested in how Amazon Advertising works should have a careful read, as this is the most exhaustive guide I have seen on the Internet yet–and I’m mighty proud of my part in creating it. The following articles are available:


I have written two posts for with writing tips. is rapidly becoming the #1 resource for self-publishing a book, with tons of excellent advice covering everything from designing your book cover to book marketing.


I am so glad I found someone who doesn’t just care about the articles but also about the subject matter and delivering the best experience for anyone who finds the site.
Paul Bryant

CEO, Cubed Media


Cubed Media, a UK-based company, has hired me to write dozens of articles for their terrapins-related website and edit their existing web content. You can visit the website here:

Cornerstone articles I have written include, among others:

I love how knowledgeable you already are about topics I send over! I wish I could find someone like you for all my niches!!
Paul Bryant

CEO, Cubed Media

Errand Pro

Errand Pro, a Cyprus-based company, has hired me to write web content for their B2B Food and Beverage platform. You can visit the website here:

Cornerstone articles I have written include:

So, if you’re looking for someone to help with your blog or website, I hope you’ll consider me for your next project!

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