Fantasy is more than dragons

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" I really can't think of another series that tied the world of fantasy and sci-fi together so well since Pern... a truly original viewpoint of fantasy, and I loved it."
~ Riley Westbrook

The Pros and Cons of Social Media

People often ask me, which social medium should I use for my promos? While everyone suggests you use social media to promote your book, there are also some cons attached to their use. InSync Media, the awesome people I write for, recently published a post listing the...

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How Hard is it to Say Yes?

I recently came across a great thread in Quora about the usage of the word "yes" in various languages. The thread is concerned with explaining why romance languages use almost the same word for "yes" (si [Spanish, Italian] and sim [Portuguese]) when there is no word...

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Does Goodreads Have a Troll Problem?

I've heard from several authors who have stopped using Goodreads over the years. As Camestros Felapton reports, they may have a point, as Goodreads seems to suffer from a chronic troll problem. Matters reached crisis proportions way back in 2012. But recently, it...

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The Top Publishing Trends For 2020

Written Word Media (WMD) recently published a must-read article with the top publishing industry trends for the new year, written by Clayton Noblit. I am sharing here a summary that includes their main points. 1. Audiobooks will continue to gain popularity, and more...

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Shaming Bad Musicians In The Middle Ages

Marillion, a singer in Game of Thrones, had his tongue cut out on the orders of King Joffrey for writing and performing a crude limerick about Joffrey's parents. Thankfully, the real punishment meted out to musicians in the Middle Ages who had offended their audience...

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Greetings From Panagia Skripou

I apologize for disappearing for a few days. I took a few days off and went to stay with friends in a small village at the foot of Mount Parnassus. As part of their wonderful hospitality, they took us to visit a Byzantine church; Panagia Skripou. Readers often comment...

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Social Media Marketing Tips For Writers

Ronita Mohan recently wrote about some of the social media marketing trends for 2020. I kick off the new year posts with another take on the same subject: how to use social media to promote your books. Being a successful writer means not only having the inspiration to...

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Happy New Year 2020

It's tradition to take stock of the past year these days. While we need to avoid our species' innate gloom, for most people I know it has been a seesaw of a year. Politics has rarely seemed more odious. Climate change is becoming a fact we simply have to learn to live...

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Merry Christmas 2019

This year, the wee one is old enough to understand Santa Claus. I explained that people believe that Santa flies through the world on Christmas Eve, comes through the chimneys, and delivers toys to all the children. Being her mom's daughter (Electra's an economist by...

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