Good News about Women & HPV – Information You Need

Sketched of woman with magnifying glass looking at what is HPV

Three letters that can strike fear in the heart of many women, especially those with family history of cancer.

What are the questions that run through your mind when you hear that you have an HPV infection?

What is HPV?
Is it serious?

Will I get cancer?

It’s perfectly normal to have these and so many other questions hanging around you when you hear the news. But what about the questions you don’t know how to ask? You know the real medical questions that doctors know but don’t really talk about. Who can help you answer those?

Photo of OB/GYN and Author Dr. Alexander Mortakis

Meet Dr. Alexander Mortakis, an OB/GYN, whose specializes in diagnosing, treating and discussing how the human papilloma virus affects women and possible courses of treatments. For close to 30 years, he’s been helping many patients and their families understand what HPV means, how it can be treated and everything in between.

And now he’s come up with a book with valuable medical information to help women and their families understand more about HPV!

Front Cover of The Good News About Woman & HPV by Dr. Alexander Mortakis


Good News about Women & HPV is the perfect guide for anyone whose life has been touched by this virus. It answers over 300 questions you may have about this infection and what it could mean for your health and the health of your family and relationships. Some of them include:

What are the high-risk forms of HPV?
Should boys be vaccinated against the HPV virus?
Can genital warts be treated or prevented?
If my PAP test is abnormal, what happens next?
What if I have lesions on my cervix?
What are possible treatments for cervical lesions for pregnant women?
And More...

It’s like having a qualified, medical professional at your finger tips providing you with information you need about HPV and answering the questions you didn’t know to ask without leaving the comfort of your home.

At the end of the day, the more you know, the better informed you and your family will be the next time you visit your doctor.

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Disclaimer: This publication and information contained in this book under no circumstances can, or intend to, serve as a substitute for medical services or provide guidance for diagnosis or treatment. The intention of this book is exclusively informational, an in no case can it take the place of your physician’s advice. This book contains general information based on current scientific data. The case of each patient, however, is unique, and only your doctor that will examine you, and knows your history, can guide you toward the solution for your problem.