It’s funny how fast things are shaking up in the publishing industry. Barely a week ago I was telling you how Amazon is taking its first step against AI-generated books in the form of a new questionnaire you must answer when publishing a title regarding your use of AI.

Before the digital ink dried on my screen, the company took the second step in the form of a new limit on the number of new titles any author or publisher may publish daily. The announcement came in the form of an update posted in the KDP Community Forum:

In order to help protect against abuse, we are lowering the volume limits we have in place on new title creations. Very few publishers will be impacted by this change and those who are will be notified and have the option to seek an exception.

A Preventative Measure?

Amazon vs AI | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books

Image by Fotor and me

Interestingly, Amazon clarifies that this is more of a preventative measure, as it has not seen a spike in publishing numbers. While this may well be the case, it suggests there are publishing farms that are easy enough to distinguish based on the number of titles they publish daily — something that seems to have caught the company’s eye. Amazon also reminded people that it is actively monitoring the rapid evolution of generative AI and the impact it is having on reading, writing, and publishing.

Just when you think the publishing industry has settled down, AI comes along. We sure live in exciting times. At this pace, expect the third step to come in a few days — and, as always, expect to read all about it here 🙂