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Does your story ask for some cool baby names that mean sword? Moms who think have got you covered, with a collection of boy names that mean sword, girl names that mean sword, and, for good measure, baby names that mean warrior (I suspect this is the kind of moms who are into AD&D, i.e. my kind of people).

So, here are some ideas for that tough new baby about to roam your fantasy world!

  • Acantha: This female honorific is handed down to girls. When interpreted from Greek, Acantha represents a thorn but could be used as a sword moniker or for other sharp-pointed objects used for hunting or defense.
  • Agerico: The name Agerico is Latin. In English, this male designation personifies a powerful sword.
  • Agilberta: German-speaking mothers and fathers may opt to title infant girls Agilberta. The honorific symbolizes the sword of combat.
  • Amura: Parents may opt to name newborn sons or daughters Amura. Language historians are unsure of this moniker’s origins. That said, these same linguistic professionals maintain that it means sharp like a sword.
  • Chaital: This offering can be given to boys and girls. Chaital’s origins are Indian and the name honors those bearing sword-like sharpness. Furthermore, it is typically handed down to those born into the Hindu religion.
  • Diamanto: Diamanto means diamond and may be taken to represent someone who’s as sharp as a sword.
  • Egbert: Old English boasts the historical ancestry of this male moniker. In said tongue, Egbert represents the sword. Additionally, the designation celebrates brightness.
  • Eike: German mothers and fathers or those celebrating Germanic heritage might name newborn girls Eike. The name is derived from the German word ek, which means the sword’s edge.
  • Gladiola: This female title’s history can be traced back to the period when Latin was widely spoken. In the ancient communication form, Gladiola signifies the sword. Alternatively, it celebrates female gladiators.
  • Gladys: Gladys is a Latin name awarded to newborn girls. In the ancient tongue, the denomination honors the strength and power of the sword. One famous namesake is Motown legend Gladys Knight.
  • Hjordis: Hjordis is a popular female title in Norway. In Norwegian, the offering honors the Sword Goddess.
  • Htet: Persons of Burmese extraction might favor the title Htet for newborn children. In the South Asian language, the name symbolizes sharpness. In addition, it is most commonly bestowed on infants born into the Buddhist faith.
  • Hui: This gender-neutral denomination has Chinese roots. In various dialects of the widely spoken Asian tongue, Hui represents the expression sharp like a sword. Alternatively, the honorific means quick and clever.
  • Lehabim: This biblical offering is given to girls. Its primary meaning is sword. However, certain language historians suggest that the moniker also symbolizes flames or fire.
  • Mirsab: This name originated in the Muslin religion. The moniker bestowed upon boys born into said faith translates into the saying the sword of the prophet.
  • Saru: Those conversing in the Tamil language might favor the male moniker Saru. It symbolizes thin-bladed items like swords.
  • Saxton: Saxton is a Teutonic language name awarded to boys. The denomination honors swordsmen.
  • Sayf: Sayf is a boy’s name. In the Muslim world, it recognizes the sword.
  • Sayfuddin: Sayfuddin is a male title owing its existence to the Muslim faith. Linguistic experts argue that the designation translates into the expression sword of the faith.
  • Seassa: The English moniker Seassa is awarded to baby girls. It exemplifies swords or other sharp knives.
  • Sedge: English Moms and Dads may choose the honorific Sedge for baby boys. It recognizes swordsmen.
  • Teg: The masculine moniker Teg was introduced to the world by the Sikh faith. The title salutes persons who wield swords.
  • Zeva: The beginnings of this feminine title date back to ancient Greece. According to the website, Zeva means sword in Greek but this is news to me.
  • Zhang: Zhang Min is a name people of Chinese ancestry might name infant daughters. In English, the denomination means sharp like a sword.
  • Zulfikar: Zulfikar is an Indian denomination handed down to boys. It represents a double-edged sword.

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