Market your first book | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books

So, you’ve completed your first book. After pouring your heart and soul into your first masterpiece, the rest of the world surely needs to appreciate your accomplishment as much as you do. This landmark moment in your life needs to be shared with the world. But how? You might have no idea how to market a book.

Fortunately, technology has developed to the point where there are now many avenues for sharing information if you’re a new book writer. The trick, of course, is finding the RIGHT channels to reach your desired audience. You can post things on Facebook Ad Nauseum, for example—but if your target group isn’t part of your following, you’ll get nowhere.

Here are some tips to follow for effective marketing of your work!

Follow the experts

Before you get started on your own marketing efforts, it would be wise to take a look at successful writers and see what avenues they utilize in marketing. Try doing a search for someone you find inspiring and see what comes up. Check out a few different authors and take notes on each of them.

Afterward, compile your notes into categories and think about what might make sense for you. You might not think that every medium is for you, but some of them certainly will be.

Utilize social media, but do it right

Yes, Facebook isn’t necessarily a direct road to fame. However, that doesn’t mean that social media shouldn’t be utilized in your marketing efforts at all. On the contrary, if used correctly it can be one of the most effective tools possible to reach your target audience. If you’re not sure where to start, there are guides on social media for writers that can help you.

Here are some specific ideas to get you started.

Create a personal website, blog, and newsletter

Having your own website dedicated to your work is critical. You can not only include any information you want, but you can also design it however you see fit and express yourself with your own individual style. There are online tools to get more blog followers to help speed up the process.

Connected to the site should be a sign-up space where people can go to become part of your newsletter list. Having such a list is a great way to reach people who have already decided that they want to hear from you and will be in a position to tell others as well.

Start Facebook/Instagram pages

Start a Facebook page for your writing (or a blog on a similar site). Not a personal page, but one that people can follow as they do celebrities. Invite your friends to follow it and tell them to spread the word. You might also follow book enthusiasts or other authors and see if they might reciprocate. On your page, you can post about ideas in your book, related subjects, and anything you think might pique the interests of potential readers.

Similarly, you can use Facebook groups to promote your book. This way, members will feel like they are part of the discussion and will be more likely to continue staying engaged.

Instagram is another path that you might choose. Particularly depending on what demographic you are trying to target, some people follow Instagram more than Facebook. You can post quotes, reviews, and notifications of book talks to your audience.

Create your own YouTube channel

Creating a YouTube channel is becoming a popular option not only for vloggers but also for writers looking to promote their work. Giving potential readers an up-close look at your character can be beneficial in piquing people’s interest in your writing. You’ll have the opportunity to express your thoughts out loud and give people an additional sense of emotion that only speaking can provide. If people feel like they know who you are as a person, they’ll be more likely to want to check out your work.

You can find a video trailer maker online that will help you get your channel going. Creating a channel is also like writing a book in a way; you want it to be logical and easy to follow. A trailer will help your audience find playlists, select videos, etc.

Try giving book talks

If you are a published author, bookshops and similar places where books are a point of interest might be willing to have you give a book talk. Although they have been decreasing in number, bookstores are often held sacred by their devotees. Therefore, if you have relevant subject matter to the theme of a given store, you could be a great candidate for giving a talk. People will also be interested to learn about your personal journey on how to become an author.

There are also cafés and bars that host author talks as well. Try to find out what’s available in your area and what kind of authors they tend to host. If you do get a speaking slot, be sure to advertise in advance of your talk as widely as possible — online, on bulletin boards, by word of mouth…however you think might best contribute to your efforts.

Find reviewers

One of the main ways that new authors get noticed is by means of reviews. The better-known the source, the more your review will catch people’s attention.

Try reaching out to review sites and asking friends and your wider network for help. You might not make The New York Times book review on your first try, but you might just catch the eye of a reviewer or two that could make a big difference in getting you started.

In looking for reviewers, you should have a standard book description established that you are prepared to send out whenever you see an opportunity. Using a book description generator can be useful in creating a description that is of sufficient length and encompasses the right information.

Consider advertising

The biggest name in book sales is Amazon. Through Amazon Ads, Amazon offers ad placements for authors that can help writers get their names out and be seen. It may require an initial investment, but it will be worth it in the end.

In fact, you can find an Amazon for Authors guide that can give you step-by-step instructions on how to get your ad placed. This will be a good opportunity to get marketing tips from the undisputed leader in the field.

Create a cover that stands out

Last but not least, think about hiring someone to help you create a classy-looking book cover. Indeed, you can’t judge a book by its cover, but it’s also a plain fact that people tend to notice more aesthetically pleasing things in general. So, it doesn’t hurt to make yourself stand out.

You can also find tutorials on how to create a book cover maker online if you choose to do it yourself.

Follow the leaders and have patience

Getting established as a first-time author can be an intimidating prospect. At first, it may seem as if no one will pay attention to you unless you’ve already got a big name. But remember, everyone had to start somewhere. Most of those famous authors whose book covers automatically get featured on the homepage of Amazon had to start off similarly.


Book writing is a challenge but getting your book out can be an even bigger one, at least at first. Keep reviewing the ideas and sites mentioned here, and you should find yourself making progress soon. And remember to keep reaching out to your wider audience as your following will multiply if people see the value in repeating your message. It’s up to you to ensure that this happens.