I had been following Nelson McKeeby on Quora for a while before finding out that he’s a fellow author! He has now published On Other Shores, the first book in his Tea Merchants series. You can find him on Prince of Cats.

On Other Shores

Despite being rogue and a scoundrel, Javier al-Rasheed has a good life: A fast ship that can outsail his rivals and debtors, a loyal crew drawn from all the lands of Halo, the beautiful Princess Nazira as a wife, and a newborn child.

However, when Princess Nazira’s tyrannical father jeopardizes her life, Javier will need all of his skill, wits, and cunning to gain the resources to defeat him. Failure will mean his ship, crew, wife, child, and life could all be lost. Javier al-Rasheed will need to brave unknown waters and forbidden islands and venture into his own past to find the key to saving all that he holds dear.

On other shores | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books

About Nelson

Nelson McKeeby is a native of Iowa, born near Spirit Lake to a Navy Officer and his teacher wife. Placed in classes for slow learners at a young age, he was never able to make education work and left school by age sixteen. He immediately landed a job as one of the country’s youngest live-air television directors and professional television writers, a career he has maintained since then. Nelson is neurodiverse with both autism and severe epilepsy. A long-time hitchhiker who often uses his experiences in his writing, he has also served with the Department of Justice and as a deputy sheriff.

Nelson is known for non-fiction writing about insider politics, law enforcement, the entertainment industry, and the Quaker faith.