Three years of her life by Christine Robinson | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksChristine Robinson is a long-time friend of this blog (and my work). Her historical fiction book, Three Years of Her Life, has now been released on Amazon.

Three Years of Her Life is her debut historical fiction book, inspired by Grandfather Gustav F. Heim’s last words before he died in 1933:

No one is to look into my past. That history dies with me.

It is an indelible portrait of family love, trust, commitment, and unrelenting prejudice. A stirring tale that rides the line between historical fiction and romance., inspired by a famous musician’s hidden secret in Germany.

Three Years of Her Life, set in New England and Central Europe, is similar in concern and significant issues to bestselling American epic books of the Great Depression, The Great War, and the U.S. South. Focused on people and places, the novel’s heartwarming and heart-wrenching themes mark history in unsettled times.

A mystery woman’s photo is in Elizabeth’s famous grandfather’s gold pocket watch for over fifty years. It devastates Elizabeth’s estranged grandmother, and she convinces Elizabeth to find the link. However, Elizabeth’s on track to be a nurse – not a detective. At a loss, she gets help from Erik, the doctor who captures her heart. He becomes obsessed with uncovering her grandfather’s secret and discovers more in Germany than the family can take. Now he shares a family heritage. When Elizabeth tries to stand up for Erik and her grandfather, it backfires.

Complicating her own life, Elizabeth falls into an entanglement with her guitar teacher. It’s only a longed-for connection to musicians like her absent father and dead grandfather, but it causes uncertainty. She’s now torn between two very different men. And what happens if and when she lets one of them go? Erik tips the balance for Elizabeth’s decision by risking his life transporting East Berlin hospital patients to the West through the Berlin Wall. What if border guards trap him in East Berlin, though? Unbeknown to Elizabeth, before Erik leaves on the mission, he sets up her future. And, he’s dead serious about the plan.

You can read excerpts on Christine’s website, Before Sundown. Christine is already penning the second book in the series, A Song for Clare.