If you’re anything like me, you may have started your fascination with fantasy thanks to games. World of Warcraft (WoW) is probably the best-known one, letting you play online with your friends, form factions, and fight both other players and non-player characters (NPC). Until now, however, there was a strict limitation: you couldn’t play freely with a friend who belonged to a different faction.

Now, WoW has announced that this limitation will be lifted and WoW players will finally be able to freely play with their friends, regardless of the faction they belong to. Many gamers have been waiting for this event for many years.

What will this mean for the gameplay, though? Such a big change will inevitably affect many aspects of the video game, including arena battles, raids, and dungeons. Will it also lead to a thaw in relations between the two sides that have been opposing each other for more than 15 years? I mean, over the years of the game’s existence, all content has been built around the premise of a fight between two enemies. Now it is not entirely clear how this will affect content created for different parties.

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Searching for team members

In practical terms, the big change is that team members can finally be representatives of different factions. While you can gather any group of players to perform various tasks, however, all team members must agree before you can attract representatives of another faction. Other than that, the biggest benefit is that you no longer have to pay to switch factions and you can continue playing as your chosen race.

To elaborate, the game has two possible options for searching for team members: automatic and manual. In the first case, you play alone. If a group is needed to perform a certain activity, it will be automatically assembled from various players with whom you may not be familiar. In the second case, you can find like-minded people and thus form your own team to start the adventure.

When it comes to cross-faction interaction, an automatic search assembles a team of participants belonging to the same side (either the Alliance or the Horde). It now looks like this may gradually change to make the game more fun. And if you’d rather wish to independently assemble your own team of players, there will be no obstacles if you want representatives of both factions to be included in the group.

The game has a huge amount of challenging content, including raids and dungeons of various difficulty levels. In this regard, many do not have enough patience and experience to complete difficult tasks, especially to do difficult dungeons. That is why most players take advantage of boosts like the WoW Dungeon Run Boost, thanks to which you can get a lot of useful items, such as exclusive mounts, valuable weapons, and other nice bonuses.

If this option is not for you, then you can assemble a team of valuable members from different parties. This will be easier than before, as the number of people who can join your team will increase significantly and you will even have players in the reserve that you can invite in case of players leave. This is good news: until now, the insufficient number of applicants and the long search involved made gathering a team a nightmare for those who wanted to complete complex tasks.

WoW Mythic+ Dungeons

Throughout the game, each player strives to improve their character, gain experience, and complete complex content. This is justified by the fact that difficult dungeons open access to new content. Moreover, players get new challenges that make them think about how to deal with more complex tasks.

Naturally, the new rule will also affect this especially popular game mechanic. Since there are now no restrictions on finding like-minded people to create a group, each player will be able to attract players of different races. This increases the chances of success since each member of any faction will be able to bring an invaluable contribution to the team.

Inaccessible raids and dungeons

From the very beginning, the game was designed in such a way as to separate the two factions. There are many raids and dungeons designed for two factions that cannot unite. So, the question arises, what will happen to this content?

If gamers from different sides can unite to complete such tasks, then they will simply lose their meaning. As such, it looks like this part of the game may have to remain unchanged for now. Most of the players expected such a massive change, but there are also adherents of the classics, that is, confrontation, and it looks like Blizzard doesn’t want to alienate them.

For the rest of players, the new rule is a welcome change. Those who did not want to give up their race but still want to play with their friends, will be able to do so. Let’s hope that the process of change takes place smoothly so that everyone can gradually get used to it.

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