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I apologize for disappearing lately. It’s summer, which means I’m trying to get some rest and enjoy the Greek sun and sea. We also have friends over, which adds to the temptation to drop everything and head to the beach. Plus, of course, I still need to work. And write. And enjoy the family, as Natalie, who is growing up so fast, has no school and needs to be entertained.

As a result, my writing has fallen way behind. Even with my blog, which I love, I have a ton of posts I want to share and never seem to find the time to do so. Does that mean that I’ve lost my passion for writing? Nah, I think that’s still there. But since I’ve now made a career writing SEO-friendly copy and write or edit some 40K words each month, I’d rather spend my free time doing something else rather than more writing.

Which led to this post! How do you reignite your passion for something when there are so many things demanding your attention?

Reigniting Your Passion

Most people can’t worry about having any job-related passion. We just want to integrate the skills we have to help us advance in the workplace while being able to earn a good wage. Being able to enjoy a career developed by your passion is awesome. But it’s not easy. And it’s even harder enjoying something during a 40-hour workweek.

So, perhaps we could turn the question on its head. When you leave work every day, what do you become passionate about? What do you feel happy about the most? What do you do to make the most of your time?

If you’re having a hard time finding passion in your life or keeping it alive, here are some tips that might help.

Prepare a List

When you prepare a bucket list of things to do, you remind yourself of the things you enjoy. This may help maintain your focus and allow your goals to be achieved. This to-do list may also help you discover more things you enjoy, from making your own wood kitchen cabinets to gardening, cooking, kayaking, horse-riding… the possibilities are endless!

Contemplate the Reason Why

By examining why you’re interested in something, you can find out what you are most passionate about. Whether it is power tools or cooking, this may help ignite  (or reignite) your passion.

If you no longer seem to enjoy any hobbies or activities anymore, you may need to ask yourself why.

Maybe things have changed concerning your hobbies or activities and you feel they now impact you differently. For instance, maybe you used to enjoy dancing but now don’t feel like studying that any longer. Well, how about you taught it instead? Or join a new dance team?

By shifting your perspective, you may realize it’s not that you no longer enjoy something, but that it’s time to take it to the next level.

Be Honest

Of course, you can only do this if you’re honest with yourself about it.

Do you feel like you have to enjoy something or do you genuinely enjoy it? We sometimes do things because our friends do them, or because they are trendy. You need to be able to put all that aside and focus on your feelings. Do you get that nudge in your soul whenever you think of your hobby or would you rather be doing something else? Don’t think about what you should be doing; just ask yourself if this is what you feel like doing.

Find the Right Time

As soon as you find out what you are passionate about and the role it plays in your happiness, you may have to rethink your priorities.

With work demanding so much of our time and attention, finding the time for a hobby becomes even more important. Being able to start early in the morning before anything else is great (I type this early in the morning). Or, if you’re an owl kind of person and stay up all night, then you can enjoy your hobby at night.

Find the best time that works for you and use it to your advantage.

Don’t Rush It

By listening to your heart and your gut, you will start realizing what is going on in your soul. But things like this require time, especially when they have not been acted upon in a while as we take care of other, more urgent pursuits.

Without neglecting your passion, give it the time and space it needs to grow. If you feel stuck,  for example, there are plenty of ways to overcome writer’s block. But it won’t happen overnight.

Working all day and going after your passions while also having a family or social life can be pretty demanding. Not only that, but there are other needs to consider as well, from your emotional ones to the realization of self. Life is a balancing act. I hope these tips may help you reach that balance!


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