You may recall my mentioning early this year a new release by Rayne Hall and yours truly titled Copywriting: Get Paid to Write Promotional Texts. This is Rayne’s Writer’s Craft Book number 34 (!) and, obviously, one of her best 😉

Seriously, though, working with Rayne was one of my best writing experiences. She’s a seasoned pro and a wonderfully supportive writer who’s often helped me with her tips and advice. I believe that the book will be an extremely helpful tool for anyone interested in freelance writing, distilling everything I’ve learned so far about SEO copywriting.

You can use this guide as a self-study course in copywriting. Each chapter contains information, professional tips, cautions about novice mistakes to avoid, and even assignments. If you do read it and enjoy it, please consider leaving a review.

Copywriting: Get Paid to Write Promotional Texts

Copywriting by Rayne Hall and Nicholas C. Rossis | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's bookDo you want to earn good money as a freelance writer? Copywriting is the field that pays best.

It can be a lucrative business, especially for journalists and fiction authors who adapt their existing writing skills. As a copywriter, you can earn while you learn, taking paid gigs while you’re learning your craft. You can work from home or traveling, part-time or full-time. You can adapt the schedule and workload to your lifestyle. If your book sales plateau or your novel-author career is slow to take off, copywriting can help pay the bills.

In this book, you’ll get insider knowledge from two experts. Nicholas C. Rossis and Rayne Hall are both experienced copywriters with different specialisms. He specializes in writing for agencies, companies, and professionals, her clients are mostly authors, publishers, and travel sites. Each writes about the subjects they know best, and they add comments to each other’s chapters, so you get two perspectives.

Step by step, the authors show you the path to copywriting success. They guide you on to find clients, get your foot in the door, negotiate your fee, handle difficult clients, and work with SEO. You’ll learn how to write different kinds of copy: sales emails, advertisements, slogans, social media posts, blogs, newsletters, bios, and media interviews.

Copywriting covers two fields: sales copy and content.

  • Sales copywriting promotes a product or service and aims to bring about a sale. Examples: advertisements, sales emails, product descriptions. These tend to be the best-paying gigs.
  • Content-writing builds a brand’s reputation. There’s no overt selling. Instead, the text creates interest in the brand, showing it to be enjoyable, trustworthy, and competent. Examples: instructional articles, tweeted tips, listicles, blog posts, slogans.

In practice, the two areas often overlap, and clients want copywriters who can handle both. That’s why both forms are covered in this book.


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