I don’t know about you but nowadays I find myself increasingly often in front of my computer camera talking to friends and clients. It looks like video calls are now a real thing and not just a prediction whose time had never come.

But that only creates new problems, doesn’t it? Especially when you Zoom or Skype professionally. I mean, do you remember the days when you would practice your handshakes before an interview or a big meeting? Or you’d print out extra copies of your resume to give to your interviewers? In these novel times, those hallmarks of traditional professional networking have been moved virtually. No more in-person meetings or hard copy print-outs, instead you’ll have to make a good impression via Zoom.

Don’t worry, though, as in this day and age people have gotten married via Zoom, graduated via Zoom, and even welcomed a new baby to the family via Zoom! The videoconference web-application has become the third-dimension where human connection exists apart from your home cluster.

In the case of a wedding, graduation, or baby shower, you know the people you’re meeting with. They’re loved ones, family, or friends. However, when you’re promoting your book or holding a virtual book launch, it’s usually with strangers or acquaintances.

This infographic by GreatBusinessSchools walks you through making new connections online, explains virtual etiquette to make a good impression via Zoom, and presents different online platforms you can use to promote your books. Ditch those paper resumes, download Zoom, and get connecting!

Tips for online networking | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's book