Today, the internet gives everyone access to whatever they want, so searching for a good book is extremely easy to do. In times where we did not have internet access, however, people had to look for other options to be able to access books and read.

Book shops and libraries were quick places reach for the people who live in the more urban areas, but those who were not located in the city center were out of luck. That’s where bookmobiles come into the picture! They have been around for many years and have a lot of history. These libraries on wheels help spread books to those who do not have access to them, like people who live in rural areas.

You may remember my recent post on the female librarians who delivered books on horseback. Turns out they were following in a rich tradition. Whether it is a trip by a refurbished car, donkey, or motorbike, bookmobiles have a common goal and aim to spread the joy and entertainment of books to those kids and their parents who don’t have access to libraries or bookstores. They also bring the community together.

If you’re someone who is a lover of all things literature and you have a post-COVID-19 road trip planned to check out these destinations, read on to traverse these 10 bookmobiles from all over the globe.



Infographic by CarRentals