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You may recall how I recently followed a great workshop by Rayne Hall organized by OIRWA.

Now, Rayne is offering a special free seminar aimed at self-isolating writers who wish to take advantage of the pandemic downtime to hone their writing skills.

Course description: Power up your Fiction

The pandemic crisis creates intense emotions and magnifies character traits. Use your observations, feelings, and experiences to enrich your works in progress, deepen characterization, intensify conflicts, and add realism to tense situations.

The assignments in this course will make you a better writer, and at the same time, you’ll reap the therapeutic benefits.

We will not write about the pandemic. Once this is all over, and the last thing people want to read and buy is pandemic stories. Instead, we’ll extrapolate your observations and apply them to the kind of fiction you write.

This is an intensive four-week seminar, with lessons and practical assignments every day. It is suitable for fiction writers of almost all levels (Rayne doesn’t recommend it for absolute beginners.) We’ll start on 24 April 2020 and work together until 23 May. You can emerge from this seminar a stronger writer.

The course is FREE to writers who are in quarantine or voluntarily self-isolating.

There is no catch. This seminar is Rayne’s gift to writers. She wants to encourage responsible social distancing, and she wants to help people keep safe and sane.

Feel free to tell other (quarantined or isolating) writers about it.

Sign up here!