I have written in the past extensively about email marketing, video marketing, and even live video marketing. But email video marketing? Is that even a thing?

Turns out that yes, it is. Basically, instead of writing up an email, you record a video and send it to your subscribers.

Nuno Sancha of SendX recently wrote a great guide on video email marketing. As he explains, videos capture more attention than your writing. You can explain things better and keep your engagement rate higher. You will find my summary below but you can check out the original post for more!

Video Email Marketing – How To?

Since video files are heavy, avoid attaching a video directly to your email. Instead, take advantage of YouTube. Upload there and share the link in your email. Besides, this will let you share the video with your YouTube subscribers as well as your newsletter. Two birds, one stone.

This offers an extra advantage, as YouTube now offers rich metrics that let you see at a glance how popular your videos are and what audience they are reaching.

YouTube analytics - email video marketing | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books

How to insert a video link to your email

After you upload the video on your Youtube channel, grab the link, and take a screenshot of the thumbnail. Upload the image to a space you use, such as your blog.

Copy the address from your Media Library (see below) and insert it into your email, then link it to the video’s YouTube address. When people click on the image, they will be sent to your video on Youtube.

Landing Page with Retargeting

Instead of linking the image to your YouTube video, you can also send people to a custom landing page on your blog or website. This will let you better control the content they see.

Have the video embedded and ready to play on that page. If you are selling or launching a new book, you can use a Facebook Pixel or Google Ads for retargeting purposes.

Tips to Better Succeed in Your Video Email Marketing Endeavors

First of all, only give value to your subscribers. Avoid long videos that will waste their time. Only do it if the long video is something you must really do to pass your message. Time is money, so don’t waste it from your subscribers. After all, you may be throwing money away as well!

Second, let your subscribers know that the content from the email is a video. Put something like “[Video]…” in your subject line. The heads up will be appreciated.

Third, the concept of funnels applies in the video email marketing world as well. You do it in your traditional email marketing campaigns, so keep doing the same with your videos. Create relevant content for your audience, making sure that you use segmentation and different videos for different stages of your funnels.

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter are optimizing themselves for videos every day. You can look at successes like Snapchat, and now Tik Tok, for proof that video is the king on the internet realm. Youtubers and Streamers are the new rockstars of our era, and they achieve it by creating videos.

So, maybe it’s for us to lose that fear of being in front of a camera, and use our writing skills to write some awesome scripts for our next videos before embedding into our email marketing campaigns!


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