Greece is in lockdown mode because of COVID-19. We’re urged to avoid getting out of the house for anything that’s not essential – basically, doctors and supermarkets. Even the churches have closed down, to avoid spreading the virus.

This past week has been pretty hectic in the office, as we had a big project to deliver. I say office, but as a freelance writer working from home, I’m pretty lucky in that COVID hasn’t changed our everyday life that much. In a sense, we’ve been too busy to worry about the pandemic.

Thankfully, people are still allowed to walk their dogs. Since we live in a forest, this lets us escape for a few hours. This is especially important on a beautiful weekend like this. Long walks are pretty much all the fun we’re allowed, so we are milking them for all they’re worth. Between us, I think Izzy (our dog) is pretty happy with the lockdown and will probably miss it when it finally ends.

The Super-Duper High Hill of the Mountain

So, today all four of us went for a walk along one of the many roads that cut through the forest as a fire prevention measure (they also let firefighters reach their destination in case of a fire).

As you will see from the photo below, this one wasn’t particularly effective during the last fire (2009) and the pine trees are still recovering from that. As a side note, fires are a persistent danger where we live. The 2009 one burned down our fence and fire has come less than half a mile from our house repeatedly before that. My parent’s garden has been burned down twice, although their house was spared both times.

Forest walk | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books

Mary Natalie surveying her domain, Izzy at her feet

The route we took today leads atop a hill that Natalie calls “The Super-Duper High Hill of the Mountain” (wouldn’t that be a great children’s book title?)

In the above photo, you can also see Kokotos winery in the distance. This is a great place to visit (when not in quarantine). It’s frequently open to the public several days a month and even offers children’s activities like pony riding. They had a great program for Easter week but this has now been canceled. Maybe next year.

Here’s the view from another spot atop the Super-Duper High Hill of the Mountain:

While we wait for life to return to normality, I hope you’re all keeping safe wherever you are. And if you’re in lockdown mode like us and need a dog to justify your leaving the house, let us know. We hire Izzy out for a very reasonable fee (I’m kidding, but I hear the Spanish have already started renting out dogs to people desperate to leave the house so… give me a call. We’ll talk.)