A writer friend contacted me the other day to ask if I had any how-to posts on self-publishing. Specifically, she was asking for detailed information on how to self-publish her book on Amazon.

I didn’t have anything like that, as this blog assumes you will have already published your book and are looking for ways to promote it. But after a quick search, I realized that Amazon has dedicated an entire microsite to just that. They call it KDP Jumpstart and is a mini-course that walks you through all steps. So, here it is, for any writers who are still looking to self-publish their first book.

KDP Jumpstart

New to Kindle Direct Publishing? Want a simple, step-by-step guide to publishing on Amazon? KDP Jumpstart is a streamlined, sequential approach to the steps required to go from finished manuscript to published book. To publish on KDP, you’ll complete four major milestones:

  • Getting started.  Enter your author, payment, and tax information to set up your KDP account.
  • Book details. Enter information like title, author, and description to help readers find your book.
  • Manuscript & cover. Transform your manuscript into a formatted file and design a cover that grabs readers’ attention.
  • Rights & pricing. Decide where and for how much you want to sell your book.

What KDP Jumpstart includes

KDP Jumpstart is designed to guide new authors through each step of self-publishing on Amazon. KDP Jumpstart includes:


12 step-by-step topics covering everything you need to know to publish your book on KDP.


Videos, activities, and insider tips to help you get the most out of publishing on Amazon.


Connect live with Amazon’s experts and learn how to successfully publish. Learn more.

KDP Jumpstart Sections

Most KDP Jumpstart topics include the following sections:

Section What’s in it
What this topic covers What you’ll be able to do after reading the topic
What you’ll need Information to gather before going to KDP to enter it
Your progress Progress bar that charts which milestones you’ve completed and which you have left
How to… Videos and articles explaining what you’ll need to do to publish on KDP and why it’s important
Activity Activities for you to research best practices for preparing, publishing, and promoting your book
Insider tip Industry advice that introduces you to other Amazon resources that can help you reach your publishing goals
What to do next Next steps at the end of each lesson, including a downloadable, printable companion guide for entering your information into KDP

KDP Jumpstart direct links

Getting started
Book details
Manuscript & cover
Rights & pricing

Click on the links above to jump to the section you’re interested in or learn more on KDP Jumpstart!


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