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Newsletter swaps are very trendy right now, especially among authors of similar genres. This is because they have three big advantages over traditional promos:

  1. You grow your list of subscribers. This way, you can reach them in the future without paying anything, making this the most cost-effective book marketing tool available to you.
  2. You introduce your work to people who may not have heard of you but are interested in your genre.
  3. They are usually free.

Earlier this month, I did a newsletter swap with Book Luver’s Paula Wynne and saw almost 100 sales of my 99c book offers within a couple of days (full disclosure: some of them were probably due to a simultaneous promo I was running with Book Gorilla, but I attribute at least half of these to Paula’s newsletter).

Having successfully tried it myself, I am happy to share with you the details of Book Luver’s upcoming swaps. And the best part? Most of them are still free!

Summer Reading Hamper

Book Luver is doing a Summer Reading Hamper throughout June and July. This goes out to 75K readers each month. Book Luver will join forces with a group of authors to share the books to a wider audience. Last year’s summer promotion reached an audience of 500K and they’re aiming for a similar reach.

Book Luver will be giving away books, book-related prizes, and other high-value gifts. So far, the summer hamper has a prize value of £500 – and you don’t have to pay for any of this to help build your list!

  • Swap Details:
  • The promotion has NO COSTS for authors to enter
  • Book Luver will provide a kindle + a bunch of paperbacks to increase the prize value
  • The entrants can enter to win all the books in the promotion or just select the genres they would like to win
  • Entrants are asked to ‘opt-in’ to receive more from you so it complies with GDPR data rules.
  • The promotion will be run on Gleam competition software enabling viral sharing to increase reader engagement and entries

You can enter your book(s) here.

BookBub Follow Promo

To increase BookBub followers, Book Luver is running a promo whereby readers are asked to follow the authors who join this promotion. The prize will be Amazon vouchers to encourage them to follow us.

  • The promotion will be run on Gleam competition software enabling viral sharing to increase reader engagement and entries.
  • There is a cost to upgrading to a plan that allows all authors in the promo to receive followers and entries.
  • The costs of the prize and the software will be shared amongst the authors participating. Paula will announce that once she gets some response. For example, if 10 authors join, the costs will be divided by the 10 of us, which could be from £20 to £40 depending on the number of authors entering.
  • You will be notified of the cost before this goes live so we all agree to the cost.
  • The promotion will run alongside Book Luver’s summer promotion to encourage more entries.

You can enter your BookBub profile here.

Paula’s Own Newsletter Link Swaps

On her own website, Paula is looking for authors of historical fiction and thrillers (and, in fact, any other genre to do newsletter swaps). She’s happy to swap with authors of any other genre if you feel your readers would like her Historical Thrillers or Psychological Thriller.

Paula has 13K on her personal thrillers list, 10K on her historical fiction list, 10K on her giveaways list and another 40K on several other genres lists. You can offer her readers review copies, a reader magnet or another giveaway.

Paula will soon release a medieval thriller, a WW2 thriller (in spring), and a Psychological Thriller (in late summer). She’s happy to give her first reader magnet to your readers on an exclusive download until it’s released in May. Following that, her swap details will change to promoting sales on Amazon or review copies.

You can enter your swap here.

I hope you find the above information useful! I, for one, will be participating in these, so I hope to see you there.

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