Diversity and identity politics can be a minefield. In my science fantasy series, Pearseus, I had as diverse a cast as possible, with strong female leads, a main hero of Indian descent, another one of Chinese descent, Masai warriors, a lesbian leader, etc. Even so, I got flak from people who felt their preferred minority was underrepresented because, for example, my warrior heroines were slim and slender (even though one of my favorite characters, Head Priestess Tie, was a big woman with a shaved head).

So, should we, as authors, shy away from diversity?

In one word, no. With Pearseus, I didn’t set off to create a diverse cast; it came about organically as that was simply what fit my characters. I seem to have an eye for the quirky and the unusual when people-watching and that shows in my own work. And I find it boring when I write stories with only one kind of heroes.

But I had never thought of a possible relationship between my Ad campaign and diversity.

Edwin Deponte | Istomedia web database and multimedia design - σχεδίαση ιστοσελίδων, βάσεις δεδομένων, πολυμέσαSo, when Edwin Deponte suggested this as a topic for his guest post, I was intrigued.

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How Celebrating Diversity Can Make Your Ad Campaigns Better

Diversity | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksMore and more people are learning to celebrate their differences today rather than fight over it. And nobody’s currently breaking the mold more than digital marketers. Integrating diversity in their advertisement campaigns and marketing strategies has helped them a lot in recent years. If you want to know the impacts it has made on ads, then read on below.

It Lets You Connect Better

Making your advertisements culturally and ethnically diverse not only enables you to reach out to a broader range of audience but allows you to form better connections with them as well. Say you’re running a Kansas City social marketing company. Kansas has a 30% non-white population, which includes African American, Asian, American Indian, Pacific Islander, and Hispanics/Latinos. The best way to reach this segment is by using diversity in your ad campaigns in a way that will help you build rapport with its white citizens as well as with the other ethnic groups who make their homes there.

Different is In Right Now

Demand for diversity in media and advertisement has been at an all-time high for quite some time now. According to a BabyCenter & Yougov study, almost 90% of parents want societies to be more accepting of different types of families. Also, nearly half of the millennial parents talk about products that feature diverse families in their Ads. This demonstrates how much popularity celebrating diversity is gathering in recent years.

It Helps Break Barriers

Celebrating diversity in your Ads helps you and your audience debunk stereotypes as well as increase cultural sensitivity. This would result in advertisements that would better convince everyone (not just a particular group of people) that your brand is exactly right for them, ultimately encouraging them to root for it. It would also increase your target audience since the Ad now caters to the needs of more than one specific ethnicity or group.

Diversity is Beautiful

If you just have one type of fish in your aquarium, then it would be pretty dull and boring. But add a few more fishes and put in other aquatic life in your tank and you get an entire oceanic ecosystem in a box! Similarly, your ads could look catatonic and lifeless if you keep using the same groups of people as your main subjects. By making it ethnically diverse, you add beauty and value to it. So try changing it up every once in a while!

It Makes You More Creative

Diversity and creativity go hand in hand. Studies have shown that teams whose members come from diverse backgrounds tend to come up with more imaginative ideas than groups with members coming from the same place. And it’s not just true in making advertisements and marketing campaigns! Diversity is also the main ingredient when being creative in how you start and manage your marketing team and solve any challenges that come your way.

The best Ads are those which effectively communicate its brand to its target audience― regardless of age, beliefs, and sexual preferences. By employing diversity in Ad campaigns, you’ll be able to craft messages that reach out and benefit your audience as well as increase your brand’s reputation and your business’ profitability.

What are your thoughts on diversity and advertisement? Let us know on the comments section below!

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