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Easy Tips For Building The Best Home Library For Your Kids

Kids' library | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksBooks definitely were an enjoyable and joyful part of our childhood and many of us still hold onto our childhood collections. However, technology has advanced today from books to online reading platforms. It’s a more convenient option to search for reading materials online.

So, is it possible for our children experience the ecstasy of getting lost at Book-land? Read on for simple ways to build a home library for your kids for this to actually happen!

What Books will you Choose?

It’s important to choose the correct books for your inbuilt library. You obviously want your children to make the best of it. Here are a few things to keep in mind for choosing the right books:

Keep a Diverse Collection

Books expose children to a vast array of knowledge from the comfort of their homes. So it’s important to collect books from other countries. This will introduce your children to diverse cultures and communities all over the world.

Exposure to such diverse knowledge makes them more empathetic,developing their communication and understanding skills.

Choose the Right Type of Books

A wide genre of books is definitely an interesting mix for your child’s library. Fiction, non-fiction, comics, poetry, graphic novels- they all play a part to boosting their imagination and working memory.

Books with pop-up pictures and sound effects also provide a fun experience for them to learn.

Let Them Choose

Listen to your kids, find out what interests them, and what they are passionate about. This will make it easier to choose the right books and improve the reading bond you share.

Allow children to choose their preferred books as it makes them more confident as well. Plus, that way, the library will be a safe and cozy place for them to hang in.

Use Modern Technology

Books don’t have to be the only thing in your library. Children nowadays are exposed to many technological devices, so it’s a good idea to include them in the library as well.

Keep a computer with educational contents such as classic stories to be read online, some wildlife documentaries, and DVDs with movies based on popular books.

Books with pop-up multimedia content are a playful way to encourage children to read. The animations with music and videos make for a fun experience.The library becomes a welcoming place for them to come back to.

Also, keeping appropriate toys in the library will attract kids to it. Take a break once in a while to play with the kids and break the monotony.

Read Aloud to the Kids

Reading aloud to the kids is a great way to help them learn. This has a psychological bearing on a child ’s mind and allows the bond to be strengthened between parents and children.

Keep a special basket for the kids to store their favorite books in and choose which books to read among them.

Stock Your Favorites Too

We all had our personal favorites growing up. There were books which transported us to another world, a parallel universe; classics that we still hold on to.

Share these experiences with your children by including these books in the library. Read them these books and share excerpts from your childhood.

How to Collect the Books

Knowing where to look makes the task of stocking books much easier. Here’s some ways to keep pace with your child’s skills and interest without breaking the bank!

Check the Local Library

Many books can be fun to read the first time around but lose their appeal afterward. Instead of buying all the books, try borrowing some from the local library first.

If your child isn’t interested enough in the book after reading it, you can always return it to the library.

Hit the Garage Sales and Thrift Stores

If you have good bargaining skills then consider checking the garage sales and thrift stores. Books there can be purchased as low as fifty cents per piece so it’s a great steal.

This can particularly come in handy if you’re looking to buy a big stash, as long as you don’t mind sifting through letdowns.

Books as Gifts

We are often asked by relatives and friends about what we would like as gifts for our kids’ birthdays. This would be a good opportunity to ask them for books.

Adding these to your collection would serve both purposes.You get the books you need and guests are happy to have gifted something useful.

Check Out the Book Fairs

Schools and local communities have annual book fairs where you can get a good bargain while grabbing your required books. Volunteering at the fair might give you the opportunity to get a sizable discount on your purchase as well!


A library at home can become your child’s favorite place if you add things that will entice them. The contents of the library need to be age appropriate so they can learn and enhance their creativity and knowledge.

Reading out to your children in the library can be a fun way of bonding with them. Follow the above-mentioned steps and build your child’s perfect sanctuary!