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Everyone knows Mark Dawson, who runs the most successful author marketing courses around. You may also remember John Logsdon from my recent post, Introducing ReaderLinks and The Author Helper

Well, Mark Dawson’s shiny, new course for authors is almost here! Advertising for Authors promises to be his best yet, with the latest tips on how to maximize your advertising dollars.The course includes:

  • How to use Facebook ads to add thousands of subscribers to your mailing list.
  • How to use Facebook Ads to sell books – at a profit.
  • How to create and target your Facebook Ads correctly.
  • How to monitor your ads.
  • Creating an automated email sequence to deliver your books.
  • Optimizing your Amazon product page.
  • Optimizing your Amazon Ads campaign.
  • Bonus modules on Twitter, YouTube, Bookbub and copywriting for success.

If you are considering enrollment, you may wish to use John’s affiliate link, as The Author Helper offers a FREE YEAR of ReaderLinks if you sign up for Ads for Authors. That’s a $240 value!

Here’s how to get the deal:

  1. Sign up for the ReaderLinks newsletter and they’ll send you a special link at 5 pm ET on November 8th.
  2. After you sign up on November 8th, contact them at to let them know the name and email address you used to sign up for the course.
  3. Once you’ve committed to Mark Dawson’s course, you’ll be set with your FREE one year of ReaderLinks!

Why Consider Mark’s Course?

John Logsdon of The Author Helper took a ton of courses when he first entered the self-publishing business. None of them worked. So when his wife told him about Mark Dawson’s course, John signed up just to prove that classes wouldn’t help.


After following Dawson’s model to a T, John’s newsletter subscriber-base shot up and he quickly found his niche in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Humor market.

If you haven’t taken one of Mark Dawson’s courses, now’s the time to do it. Self-publishing is bigger than ever and that means two things.

First, we can make a living writing our books.

Second, we have to know what we’re doing to sell our books.

Click here for details on Mark Dawson’s Advertising for Authors course and here for details on John’s ReaderLinks offer!