Back in September, I published Emotional Beats: How to Easily Convert your Writing into Palpable Feelings. As promised, I will be posting the book on my blog. So, here is the next installment, continuing Part 3 of the book: Other Beats. This chapter deals with:

Weather, Skies, and Views

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With our surroundings offering so many interesting views, finding the perfect description can be a challenge. Well, not anymore!

  • The mottled sky ranged from mid gray to dirty white.
  • A soft breeze picked up her hair, stirring the strands around her cheeks.
  • As a warm breeze stirred the sheer curtains of the open patio doors, the scent of baked stone and crushed flowers folded within its balmy caress.
  • We watched a thick, fluffy cloud shuttle across the sky.
  • It had started to flurry and a thin coating of snow covered the ground.
  • Overcast skies turned everything dreary and cold.
  • Rain spilled down in sheets.
  • The breeze was just a teasing shimmer in the air, fluttering leaves.
  • The rising sun shone beneath the lip of the departing cloud.
  • The sky was clear and the air carried a light musky scent mingled with pine.
  • There was still a bit of bite to the wind.
  • We watched a steady deluge of rain.
  • The cold seeped in through his light jacket and made him shiver.
  • Sharp jets/droplets of icy cold water needled her back. She shivered under the prickly feeling and raised her hand to protect herself from the tiny ice-cold daggers.
  • Water lapped against the graveled beach, causing a gentle swoosh as each wave slipped back into the azure ocean. Gulls circled above, calling to each other as they flew effortlessly back and forth. A gull swooped down to land a few meters from where they sat. It looked in their direction and cawed. He waved his arm to shoo the bird away, but it hopped back and cawed once more.
  • A squall streamed over the palisades. Dark clouds let forth sheets of rain, while churning winds ripped across the rocks, howling through the crevices.
  • In the west, deep pink and purple bands were chased beneath the horizon by the coming of night, while above and in the north, blackening clouds massed.
  • The gray sky darkened above the field, turning the rocky ground into shiny, blood-soaked black pools.
  • The tall wheat was performing its best impression of a green sea. The wind sent wave after wave to ripple through its surface, as if about to crash on a distant shore.
  • Clouds darkened the sky as he ran.
  • A flash lit the world white.
  • The world flashed to white clarity as another crack of lightning struck.
  • The sickle moon was gone from the sky, leaving only a blanket of stars to give light.
  • Blossoming dittany spilled over the slope.
  • The woman drifted away as the morning fog thinned in the warming sun.
  • Black clouds smeared the sky.
  • Thick fingers of mist stole across the lake, blotting out the far shore.
  • She heard the throbbing pulse of rain.
  • The mist twined itself around the trees.
  • Tufty clouds scudded across the lake in a reverse image of the heavens, its trembling silken surface spoiled by the ripples her feet stirred. They chased away from her across the mirror, folds in a liquid blanket.
  • A rank gust of icy air hit her.
  • The hulk of the dark mountains rambled against a sky layered with smoky clouds.
  • A red-throated sparrow alighted on the branch above her.
  • She found a rock overhang to weather out the now freezing night.
  • The stars were feverish.
  • Down the slope, water bubbled and purled over boulders, the wild rush complementing her internal turbulence.
  • A falcon circled lazily in the bottomless azure sky. It soared on an updraft, hunting.
  • She rode south as the sky grew pastel and brightened into full day.
  • Hulking masses of architecture hung over her.
  • The breeze fluttered leaves growing toward their summer ripeness.
  • Flowers grew in abundance, spilling out of window boxes, baskets, pots, and from the dooryards.
  • A fitful wind swirled dirt and exhaust fumes into a toxic soup.
  • By the time she had left, it was overcast and pouring.
  • The sky had gone black with the bruise of thick angry clouds. They expelled a low rumble. A cool breeze tossed her hair into a delicate dance. A lone drop of rain kissed her bare shoulder.
  • Jagged silver flashes jabbed the coming night over the horizon.
  • The darkening sky rumbled like an empty stomach.

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