Back in September, I published Emotional Beats: How to Easily Convert your Writing into Palpable Feelings. As promised, I will be posting the book on my blog. So, here is the next installment, continuing Part 3 of the book: Other Beats. This chapter deals with:

Waking Up & Beds

Emotional Beats | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books

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Much like standing up from a chair, waking up can be hard to make interesting. Hopefully, these beats will help:

  • She snapped awake.
  • She jolted awake to the brutal sound of splintering wood and a resounding crash.
  • She catapulted out of bed and stumbled across the door.
  • Rubbing the sleep from her eyes with one hand and covering a yawn with the other, she shuffled into the corner of the sofa, propping herself against the armrest and the back for support.
  • He slipped out of bed.
  • She plopped down on her bed and grabbed a pillow to cuddle to her chest.
  • She cracked open her eyes and squinted at her surroundings.
  • He washed/rubbed the sleep from his face.
  • She swung her warm feet out of bed and into cold slippers.
  • She hopped out of bed.
  • A woman still crumpled by sleep answered the door.
  • Her morning voice sounded just as he remembered: a little scratchy from a dry throat and her speech slow, like it was still warming up. She scrunched up her face and yawned.
  • …he said, gaining his feet.
  • She rose like a hornet got her on the backside.
  • She sat bolt upright and gained her feet.
  • Her eyelids gave a flutter like brand new butterfly wings hoping for flight. She fixed on him through a lazy squint.

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