Sophia Clark | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksThis is a guest post by Sophia Clark. Sophia graduated from the University in the City of New York with a B.A. in Journalism, 2011. Sophia is a creative writer who loves to share her thoughts with readers and writes for Eliteessaywriters.  In her free time, she enjoys writing fiction as well as reading it. Connect with her on Twitter and Google +.

I was intrigued by this post because I was curious: if you asked me, I’d probably say that a pen and a notebook are all that’s needed to write. But what, I wondered, would a Millennial like Sophia make of this? What would she consider essential for writing?  So, here’s her take on this. I’m curious as to what you would consider essential!

A Millennial’s Essential Gadgets For Writers

Being a writer these days is in some ways more challenging than before: there are more demands, the competition is bigger too, etc. However, in some ways, it is also much easier. Nowadays, almost anyone can become a writer if they want to – you can self-publish, can work as a freelance writer, can become a journalist, and so on.

Moreover, it’s not only that that makes the writers’ life easier. These days writers have so many gadgets to help them with literally every aspect of writing.

Of course, choosing the right gadgets might be difficult sometimes. Which of them are really essential for any writer and which aren’t as important? Let’s figure this out.

1. A slim laptop with a durable battery

Writing gadgets | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksNo matter who you are – a novelist, a journalist, a freelance writer crafting an article about Chicago/Turabian style example – there’s still a huge possibility that you don’t want to spend your days unable to leave your work desk. There’s also a possibility that you will need to work while traveling somewhere.

If you like to change your surroundings from time to time or would want to earn a living and travel at the same time, you’ll need a proper laptop. You can choose MacBook, any laptop that runs on Windows or even one of these new Google gadgets – it’s up to you. There are only two things you need to remember to pick the right laptop for your work: it has to be able to work as long as possible and it has to be easy to carry.

2. A smartphone

Writing gadgets | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksBeing a writer means not only creating any kind of written content but also reading a lot, learning and improving professionally. A smartphone can help you with that: it usually has internet access even where you don’t have a Wi-Fi. It is also much portable than a laptop so you can easily use it anywhere: in your car when you’re stuck in a traffic, in a gym while doing cardio, and so on.

Moreover, a smartphone can help you become more productive. There are plenty of apps you can install to make the most out of your working routine: for example, timers that help to stay focused during a certain time interval, to-do-lists that help to organize tasks, meditation apps that aid de-stressing, etc.

3. The headphones

Not all writers are able to concentrate on their writing in noisy surroundings: many of them become easily distracted by people talking, for example. And even if you aren’t usually one of those people, you can still find yourself unable to concentrate sometimes.

Music can help with that. There are many recommendations to listen to certain types of music while working or studying; there are even playlists created by other people especially for that.

That’s why it’s always good to have a couple of headphones with you. High-quality headphones isolate you from the noise well enough, allowing to listen to your favorite music instead of listening to the people around you. Moreover, if these headphones are good enough, the quality of sound can be indeed amazing.

4. A powerbank

It seems that you can find power sockets everywhere these days. However, in reality, you still might find yourself unable to power your phone because of different reasons: maybe there’s no power socket near or maybe you’ve got stuck in a traffic jam unable to get to the office, to the coworking center, or to the cafe.

This won’t be a problem, though, if you have a powerbank with you. There are many different types of them, varying in size, capacity, and price: small ones, big ones, the ones that are enough just for a day, the ones that last much longer, etc. You can easily find a powerbank that meets your requirements and fits your budget at the same time. So don’t hesitate to purchase it, especially if you enjoy working somewhere outside your home: this will be the right investment.

For some of us, writing is a hobby – for others, it is a serious career that earns us a living. Either way, it’s always good to be able to work comfortably, without any technical issues stopping you in the middle of the process. That’s why you should invest into high-quality gadgets that would help you make the most out of your writing under and circumstances.

You might decide to buy all the gadgets from this list or settle with only a few of them or even buy more (for example, purchase a tablet to take with you when you travel, and so on). But don’t forget to pick them thoroughly – this way you’ll definitely enjoy them a lot.

And if you’re interested in the overlanding lifestyle, here are some tips to get you started.