Back in September, I published Emotional Beats: How to Easily Convert your Writing into Palpable Feelings. As promised, I will be posting the book on my blog. So, here is the next installment, continuing Part 3 of the book: Other Beats. This chapter deals with:

Hunger, drinks, and food

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Unless they are a robot, your character will no doubt feel the need to eat and drink on occasion. Here are some ways to describe this:

  • He slugged back the last of his drink.
  • He studied the amber liquid rolling around his glass as he swirled it.
  • She ushered me towards the lounge and laid the snacks down on a large coffee table in the center.
  • He placed both mugs down in front of them.
  • She took a large swig from her mug.
  • He heard the clink of crystal and the shrill of high-pitched feminine laughter.
  • He set a bottle down.
  • She plonked the bottle onto the table.
  • He swished the wine in his mouth.
  • He drained his stein.
  • He emptied his flask.
  • She brought over a flagon of lemonade.
  • He slipped out of bed, plodded along to the kitchen, flicked on the kettle and popped two slices of wholemeal bread into the toaster.
  • She finished off her toast and the dregs of her brew.
  • He poured citron water with floating sprigs of honeybalm.
  • He looked up so sharply, he spilled citron water from his beaker.
  • He sipped his shots, not tossed them back.
  • “Shall I decant?” he asked [pour small quantity to try out].
  • She set the Bordeaux glass on the white linen tablecloth and used a foil cutter to remove the foil cap over the cork.
  • He poured a dram and swirled it in the tumbler, letting it coat the glass.
  • He popped the tab on his beer.
  • He spoke into his coffee cup as he took a sip, his voice suddenly lower as if there was someone else in the room who might overhear.
  • She slammed her mug down.
  • She started gobbling up the delicious [food].
  • Tendrils of steam from the tea rose in the cold morning air. She took a cup in both hands, raised it to scent the drink and blew across its surface before taking a sip.
  • He blew on his [hot food] and his stomach rumbled. He tasted his food, winced and cooled his burning tongue with a quick gulp of water.
  • He speared a cherry tomato and shoved it into his mouth.
  • Her stomach gurgled/churned growled in protest.
  • He had a tower of stacked glasses cradled in one hand and several bottles precariously trapped between the fingers of his other.
  • Ice clinked against the glass. A drop of condensation slid from the rim to the tablecloth, fanning out and growing larger and larger.
  • She drew that bottle to her lips, pulled its liquid heat against her tongue, and breathed off those vapors. A cough or two dropped into her lap.
  • A liquid rope of warmth spilled eagerly from the bottle, and into his mouth and throat.
  • He brought a shot to his lips and sipped at its fire. It burned his throat, turning his blood hot.

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