KDP Rocket review | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksYou may remember my recent post, Don’t Advertise With Amazon Until You’ve Read This. I mention there Kindlepreneur’s free AMS tutorial and KDP Rocket. Imagine my surprise when Dave Chesson, aka Kindlepreneur, contacted me shortly afterward to offer me a review copy of KDP Rocket. This was roughly at the same time that I was finishing his AMS tutorial, so I thought it would be a good idea if I reviewed both here.

Before we start, though, here’s a little extra to whet your appetite:

Amazon Book Description Generator

Dave offers a lovely freebie called Amazon Book Description Generator. This is a free tool that allows you to format your blurb in a way that makes it pop out. As Dave explains on his website,

Ever wonder why some book descriptions look nicer, have bigger words, and stick out more?

That’s because many self-publishers are using Amazon approved HTML in order to make them look that way. Sounds crazy, right? Well, it turns out that making your description stick out can also help to increase your book’s sales conversion rate…meaning you can get 15% more sales…which is nice.

Use it whenever you want a book description that stands out.

Dave’s Free AMS Tutorial

Usually, the words free and tutorial are enough to send me packing, as they signify poor quality and are often no more than a few hastily slapped together web pages with a video or two thrown in.

Not in this case.

Dave’s free AMS tutorial is the best I’ve watched so far on the subject: clear, all-encompassing, with a friendly tone and plenty of notes at the end. The only surprise is the price: completely free. Granted, Dave does mention KDP Rocket (which is the bread-earner behind this), but he doesn’t shove it down your throat or suggest you can’t run an AMS campaign without it. On the contrary, he goes out of his way to make sure that you can. He just makes also sure that you realize how much more work it is if you don’t invest on KDP Rocket.

Which brings me to…

KDP Rocket

I have now been using KDP Rocket for a couple of weeks, and have found it to have a bit of a split personality. On one hand, it’s ideal for Kindle entrepreneurs: people who see books as just another way of making money. KDP Rocket allows them to easily test the market for book ideas, check out the competition, and even figure out how much they can be expected to make if they write a book on a specific subject. In that sense, it is KDROI and KindleSpy rolled up in one easy-to-use bundle.

You can see how it does all that in the video below:

However, there is a second side to it; a side that appeals to the more “romantic” authors who believe we want to tell a story without necessarily performing a market research first. We just need a tool that will allow us to best market whatever story we already have written.

Thankfully, KDP Rocket can help with that, too, through its powerful keyword search. On one hand, this allows us to choose the best keywords to grow our organic sales for our books. On the other, it can automatically generate the hundreds of the keywords necessary to ensure the success of your AMS campaign, thus saving you hours of work. This becomes even more important if you have plenty of titles out there, like me, and need to create campaigns for all of them. To understand the importance of keywords, check out his post on Kindle Keywords, or this one on Fiction Keyword Strategies.

You can see how KDP helps you pick the best keywords here:


I apologize if all this sounds a bit too enthusiastic; it’s just rare that I find a free tutorial that I can recommend to anyone who’s interested in running AMS campaigns, plus a piece of software that does what it promises.

Check out Dave’s KDP Rocket and his free AMS tutorial on his website.

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