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In September, I mentioned the launch of Emotional Beats: How to Easily Convert your Writing into Palpable Feelings. As promised, I will be posting the book on my blog. So, here is the next installment, listing beats you can use to convey:


Commonly used in a romantic setting, these are some nice ways to show interest between characters.


  • She anchored her attention on…
  • For a moment, his eyes hung on the [object].
  • He shifted his gaze to the [object].
  • His eyes retraced their path to…
  • Her eyes darted toward…
  • His dark-eyed gaze tugged at her heart.

Hands & Feet

  • She spread her arms wide.
  • He held out his arms.
  • She raised a hand in greeting.
  • He snapped to attention.
  • He leaned forward, his fingers laced before him on the tabletop.
  • He gestured a little too excitedly and nearly toppled off the couch.
  • Her index finger made tight circles in the air while she considered his words.
  • He pulled himself to his feet.
  • He jumped to his feet.
  • He waved.
  • She held up her hands.
  • She gesticulated.
  • He waved his hands.
  • She clapped her hands.
  • He snapped his fingers.
  • She held up a finger: Wait!
  • She gestured with a thumb.
  • He jerked his thumb toward [object].
  • She held out her hand.
  • He extended a hand.
  • She spaced her index finger and thumb a quarter of an inch apart to show him how much she liked him.


  • He cocked his head.
  • She bobbed her head in agreement.
  • He responded with a wink and nod of acknowledgment.
  • She raised her chin.
  • He lifted his chin.
  • She nodded.
  • He bobbed his head.
  • She tilted her head.
  • She inclined her head.
  • He jerked her head in the direction of…
  • He responded with a curt nod.
  • She tucked a long, loose strand of black hair behind her ear.

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