As some of you may remember, today is our anniversary, and I thought I’d share a special post.

Some of you (yes, Debby, I’m looking at you) have been complaining it’s been a while since you saw our baby girl, so I’m happy to report that she’s now a relentlessly energetic 9-month-old toddler who likes to crawl all over the place and shuns both sleep and food. In fact, to get her to eat we’ve had to hone both our juggling and aiming skills, as this video shows.

We usually use the chair straps when she’s eating, but that distressed her this time, so we let her free, wondering what she’d do (and getting ready the camera to capture the inevitable mess). In case you’re wondering, she’s eating her favorite – mashed avocado and veggies. I apologize in advance if that makes her look like an extra from the Exorcist…

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