Proofreading | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksIf you’re anything like me, you have already installed Grammarly on your computer and use it to make sure those pesky commas and prepositions are all correct. However, editor Mary Walton recently alerted me to not one, but ten alternative tools that you can use to make sure your writing is as flawless as possible! I hope you find her post as useful as I did.

Proofreading Tools For Writers

You may well be rushing to get that text out on time, but you should always stop to proofread first. Many writers have fallen foul of a spelling or grammatical error that is glaringly obvious in their copy. Before you hit ‘publish’, use these ten tools to make sure your writing is flawless.

  1. Respelt: Online, you only have fractions of a second to make a good impression. If you have misspellings on your site, it can be disastrous. This tool will check your site daily, and let you know if corrections need to be made. It’s even free, so checking your copy won’t have to cost you a thing. Perfect if you’re on a budget.
  2. Quetext: The last thing any writer needs is to be accused of plagiarism. This free tool can check your copy against a huge database, making sure that it doesn’t accidentally plagiarize another text. As a writing tool, it’s worth its weight in gold.
  3. Free Online Spell Check: This site does what it says on the tin. Copy your work in, and you’ll have all the misspellings in your copy underlined. You simply click to correct them, then you copy the modified text back into your piece. Nothing could be easier.
  4. Custom Essay: This custom writing service can take your copy and proofread it for you, while you’re getting on with writing your other pieces. They’ll edit it for you, returning you a perfect piece ready for publishing. They only hire the best writers, so you’re getting a high-quality service.
  5. Language Tool: This proofreading tool is the perfect tool to use if you write in languages other than English. It can proofread text in more than 20 languages, including Polish, French, and German. It can also be downloaded into the text editor of your choice for ease of use.
  6. UK Writings: This proofreading tool is great if you need clarification on errors you’re making. Send them your text, and they’ll highlight any error. Click on the error in question and you’ll get an explanation of the grammatical rule.
  7. Google Drive: This online office tools service gives you everything you need to create your copy wherever you are, thanks to its cloud storage system. It also has an advanced inbuilt spell check system, so you can edit as you write.
  8. Slick Write: This text editor is stuffed full of tools to edit your copy and make you a better writer. It even has a word associator tool, which will help you find that elusive word or phrase that you need.
  9. Write My Assignment: Sometimes you don’t have the time to get everything written, and that’s when mistakes happen. Putting all that pressure on yourself isn’t necessary. Send some of your jobs to this writing service instead, and they’ll take the pressure off. Then, you’ll have the perfectly polished copy and some time to spare when you need it the most.
  10. Online Spellcheck: This spell checking tool can help you proofread your document in a number of different ways. You can paste your work into the box on their site, or you can give them a URL, file, or cloud document to check over. Once you’ve done that you’ll be given an advanced report on what needs to be amended.
  11. ServiceScape: ServiceScape connects you with accomplished freelance proofreaders and a project management system built to deliver flawless service. It has been providing proofreading services for over 16 years. Their proofreaders are vetted, rated, and reviewed.
  12. Instructional Solutions: Not a tool but a comprehensive list of proofreading tips and common proofreading mistakes you may find useful, compiled by Mary Cullen.
  13. Writer: Besides proofreading, Writer also helps users simplify their language for more precise writing, suggests sentence breaks to improve readability, and checks for language redundancies.

There’s a lot of pressure in writing, so take some of it off by using these tools. You’ll soon see that your copy becomes a lot cleaner, and your skills will improve. When your skills improve, you’ll make fewer mistakes, so there’s no reason not to try these tools out the next time you write.

Who is Mary Walton?

Mary Walton | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksMary Walton is a professional editor currently living in Santa Monica.

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