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Sep 7, 2016 | My Publications

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I hope you like my blog’s new design, which aims to be more user-friendly and accessible on various devices. Without going into any design details, its main advantage is offering content a wider space. It uses Elegant Theme’s popular Divi theme, which comes with a number of goodies that you and I will discover together in due course.

Another goal of the redesign was to introduce you to the web design services offered by my company, Istomedia. Founded in 1995 in Edinburgh, it has since developed some 500 websites throughout the world, including the US and various European countries.

Istomedia Publishing

You may also notice another logo there; that of Istomedia Publishing. Istomedia specializes in web development, but I have also formed Istomedia Publishing as a publishing house through which to publish my own works. Although this was done at first primarily for tax reasons, I also enjoy the professionality of this approach.

So, when my author friend MM Jaye asked if I’d be interested in publishing her latest book, I agreed. This got me thinking, that here may be others who are looking for a similar service, which means I’m open to discussing it with anyone interested in such a collaboration.

Book Marketing Advice

As you know, I have always made all of my tips and discoveries relating to book marketing available for free on this blog, and I promise to continue doing so. However, some of you need some extra help. For example, you may have your hands full and lack the time to organize an ad campaign. You may be overwhelmed by book marketing in general. Or you may be simply looking for a friendly chat with someone who can help you clear things in your head and organize your next move.

Whichever your need, feel free to contact me to arrange one-to-one consultation via Skype or Facebook chat. Please keep in mind that this will be a paid service priced at $30 per hour, as I sadly lack the time to do this for free (and Mary-Nathalie goes through diapers at an alarming rate).

Other News

In other news, I am about to publish two books in the coming days: my fourth collection of short stories titled You’re in for a Ride, and Emotional Beats (which you may remember from this post). If anyone is interested in a free review copy, just let me know and I’ll be more than happy to send you one along your way!

And if you’re looking for a new ISP to handle your hosting, check out this handy guide for best budget hosts and the updated (2020) list of web hosting services here.

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