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5 Ways to Reduce the Bounce Rate on your Blog

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One of the main problems that a number of bloggers face is increasing bounce rate. Bounce rate denotes the percentage of visitors who come to a blog or website and steer away from the site after viewing just one page. Obviously, an increasing bounce rate is a hint that your homepage is unexciting or not good to draw the attention of visitors. If your blog’s average bounce rate is 70%, then 70% of the visitors to your website go away after just viewing the page they entered on. It can be your blog’s homepage or an internal page.

The bounce rate is the finest method to examine the activity of your blog’s visitors. If the visitors repeatedly go away from the blog after visiting only one page, you may have to change your strategies. So, what actions do people take after reading your post and how can you decrease your bounce rate?

Make Articles and Contents More Interesting to your Target Group

Your blog’s bounce rate is one of the things that determine the success of your blog. Most of the bloggers used to find it hard to maintaining a good bounce rate, but it’s not impossible to improve it if you make your posts including articles more interesting to them. The articles and contents that you post in you blog should be interesting and of top quality in order to induce the readers to move on to other pages of your blog. If visitors jump away to other blogs from your bog, then your articles and contents are likely not interesting to them.

Write Informative Articles

Visitors may bounce soon after landing on your blog post because your articles are not informative enough. People land on your article because they require information on a specific topic. If your post fails to offer them that, they will spring back right after landing on your blog. Therefore, if you wish to reduce bounce rate on your blog, concentrate on writing informative articles.

Some bloggers feel they have to post daily, regardless of the quality. Don’t just write an article for the sake of writing it and posting it on your blog, because that only increases the bounce rate. It is up to you to welcome visitors and attract them to the rest of your pages. Try to satisfy your visitors by writing articles with quality information.

Post Easy-To-Read Articles

Some of the bloggers consider that writing very long articles full of complicated words and ideas can draw the attention of visitors. It’s a false assumption since people will leave your blog if they find the articles hard to read. Thus, make sure to write articles that are short, easy to read, simple and concise.

You have to focus on presenting your ideas in a few paragraphs, with breaks in-between. Use simple, common words rather than complicated or confusing ones, to guarantee a good and easy user experience.

Split Your Articles into Parts

A lot of bloggers have a habit of writing long articles with no paragraphs. Others divide their articles into parts but focus on writing long paragraphs. If your visitors see a post that is, essentially, one long paragraph, they will leave or, at best, merely skim through it. A lot of visitors will lack the time to read your post carefully, so make short but to the point articles with different engaging paragraphs.

Write Unique Content

Uniqueness is of paramount importance. Posting unique articles and content can reduce the bounce rate. However, try also to concentrate on a single topic. Visitor interesting in, say, food, will probably not be interested in a political post, no matter how unique or interesting that might be. If, however, most of your posts revolve around food, they will be tempted to read more on that and will visit the rest of your posts.

Bonus Tip

If you notice a page or a category with a high bounce rate, try posting unique posts there and focus on ways you could make more information available. Also, make sure that your blog makes it easy to steer from one page to another through a clear and easy-to-use navigation.

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