Bookbub recently announced it will start offering advertising spaces. Unlike the vigorous screening process that leaves more books out than it allows in its popular newsletter, these will be available to anyone who can afford them.

BookBub Ads will run in a dedicated space in BookBub’s daily emails. Advertisers — authors, publishers, agents, and other book marketing professionals — can use this space to promote full-priced books, discounted books, audiobooks, novellas, multi-author box sets, and much more.

Here’s an example of what a BookBub Ad will look like:

BookBub Ads Example

BookBub Ads have several key benefits for advertisers who want to promote their books. For example, advertisers can:

  • Target by Author, Retailer, and More: BookBub allows advertisers to target readers by their author interests, their book category choices, their location, and their preferred retailers.
  • Promote Any Book: BookBub Ads are not subject to BookBub’s editorial selection process. Advertisers can promote any book that complies with its policies, at any price point.
  • Set a Personalized Budget and Schedule: Advertisers set their own budget and schedule for each ad, meaning they can run any size campaign any time they want.
  • Manage Campaigns Online: Advertisers can update their ads and track live results from their Partner Dashboard.

Pricing for BookBub Ads is determined by a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) auction. When an advertiser creates an ad, they bid the CPM they’re willing to pay. When they win impressions, they pay the second-highest bid.

Although BookBub Ads appear in regular BookBub daily emails, they are completely separate from Featured Deals. Ads don’t need to feature a discounted book, and they don’t have any impact on any future editorial selection of Featured Deals.

Differences between Ads and Features

To help explain the differences between Ads and Featured Books, Bookbub has created the following infographic.

Bookbub Infographic | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books

How can you get started with BookBub Ads? Just add your name to the waiting list. Bookbub plans to test BookBub Ads with a small number of independent authors, publishers, and other advertisers first, so it will gradually invite those on the waiting list to use the service in the months ahead.