Two of my friends have their books on sale, so I thought I’d let you all know.

Mary Papas’ Short Stories on Sale


From today (10/11/2015) through next Sunday (10/18/2015) Mary Papas will have a $0.99 sale on all her books (including the Reunions Anthology produced by SSFFS).

Mary writes short stories and flash fiction pieces that are funny, poignant, and sometimes a little twisted. Check out her books here!

The Past Life Series by Terri Herman-Ponce, now Bundled

Terri Herman-Ponce’s The Past Life series is now available as a bundle. To celebrate, she is offering the 3-book bundle at $6.99.


PLS_CoverLife doesn’t give do-overs.
There are no rewind buttons, no second chances, and no extra seconds on the clock. Seconds that could make a difference either way. It’s unfair, and by the time you realize life’s playing hardball it’s often too late. There are no previews either. No sneak peeks to warn you that things are about to shift out of your control.

Imagine how different life could be if only you could see it coming.

But second chances come with a price.

Here’s what readers are saying about the books:
“A rollercoaster ride”
“Thoroughly addictive”

Buy the bundle today