Seeing how much you loved my post, Awkward Moments in Children’s Books, I now present to you More Awkward Moments in Children’s Books, courtesy of Patrick Smith of Buzzfeed. As always, you have me to blame for the silly comments.

This touchy-feely book, which got a bit creepy.

Do it, you fool! I COMMAND YOU!
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Whatever did that goat do to deserve that fate??
(Mercifully, as it turns out, Swedish for goat is get, and killing means kid.)

This word book, with this entirely accidental association.

Speaking of the Swedes, their famous meatballs come to mind.

“Call the police, Marsha! It’s that hippo again!”

When Henry offered Thomas some "special coal".

I’m so using that line later tonight. Wonder what Electra will make of it.
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This lion's instruction.

Small wonder the rest of the animals are gaping at him.

This snow-based fun.

Her big smile certainly indicates so.

As redditor philosofik puts it, they misspelled "demon".

As redditor philosofik points out, they misspelled “demon”.
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This badly positioned sticker.

When a sticker makes all the difference.

This worrying romantic advice.

That’s why you should never take romantic advice from lions.

You don't hear of many kids called Dick these days.

Wonder why you don’t hear of many kids called Dick these days. Oh, wait…

This scientific guide to elephants.

That poor elephant girl should probably see a doctor about her condition.

Would you trust this man to teach your son the piano?

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