I have been flirting with the idea of converting my books to audiobooks for a while now. So, this guest post by Abigail Young, which explores the reader’s side of view, was very timely indeed. Enjoy!

Update: Olga Núñez Miret shared this tip: 

“If you want to get your books converted to audio and not have to invest a lot of money, explore ACX – that’s the company that distributes to Audible.” Olga has described her experience getting an audio version of her book, I Love Your Cupcakes, in her blog.

7 Important Facts That You Should Know About Buying Audio Books Online

From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books

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You are in a world wherein you get tempted by books that are good for your kids to listen to or for yourself to ponder and relax with. Who could blame you? Audiobooks can be addictive! So you have to get your hands on one and usually through online. But instead of ordering one and expecting a happy ending, you spend cash and end up with nothing.

Audio books play an essential part of lives whether at work, school, or home. Here are some tips you should know about buying them online and their uses.

  1. Check the Credibility of the Website

You know a website is credible and buyer-friendly by the way it offers genre choices and format choices. An example of reliable website is Amazon, which you will find easy to use because of the variety of books and simple steps for buying. The formats available are through Audio CDs, Used and New copies, and Kindle. It will ask for your contact details and your preferences for delivery. It will even ask you if you want the book by the next day! Another useful website is Barnes and Nobles, which offers good genres, CDs and downloadable audios, delivery dates, and in-store availability.

  1. Choose the best format and gadget for you

There are three main formats you will encounter when buying audiobooks: MP3, WMA (Windows Media Audio), or AAC (Advanced Audio Coding). Electronic devices which will use these formats are: MP3 players, cellphones or smartphones, Internet tablet devices (like iPad), and Home stereos.

MP3s are an audio coding format for digital audio and are designed to have a reproduction of sound. You can buy the good audiobook MP3s through some reliable websites.

For cellphones, convert audio book you bought to MP3 and copy the MP3 audio book into your cell phone. You can use Macsome AudioBook Converter to load all audiobooks from the iTunes Books library. iTunes will display trends, types, and prices. On iPhones, you can also use iTunes. It would be a faster process with WIFI network.

The best application for tablets is Audible, which a program under Amazon. You will benefit the same delights from Amazon but specifically for audiobooks. It may be expensive, but it also offers monthly and annual plans.

Home stereos are best for playing CDs you chose from the websites.

  1. Listen to Audiobooks for Traffic Blues

Stories or lectures will keep your mind calm during traffic or long distances. But DO remember not to be totally lost in the spell. Always keep the road in front of you instead of castles or the hot voice of your favorite actor. Note the sign rules in mind as you listen to the important insights of the speaker.

  1. Use Audiobooks for Lectures and Meetings

Audiobooks are handy when recalling an important note or when making one. They can be played back during presentations to highlight a certain quote or point. You could use it to review before a class or a meeting which highlights a progressing event. For business, audiobooks are the updated version of our tape cassette recordings.

  1. Love an Audiobook for Chores and Relaxation

Frustrated over bags of laundry and other household tasks? An audiobook can be your friend at home. It will speak to you as you get your tasks done. With a relaxed mind, things can get out of your hands faster.

Audiobooks are also awesome for just “you-time”. In quiet moments, you can just close your eyes and listen to the stories you love and let all your other worries fade.

  1. Experience Audiobooks with Family

A great way to have quality time with the kids and grandparents is listening to audiobooks. There are several book choices with magic or pop culture that will interest them. On a rainy day or family day, you can call your relatives to listen. This motivates reading and time to appreciate one another.

  1. Buy a Treasurable Audiobook Now

Qualified websites describe the books and expectations upon receiving them. Find an audiobook worth playing repeatedly. Recommend them to your friends and workmates. Discover that audiobooks can even be a good use for your own business.

Audiobooks have many formats and uses. It can be part of your life when you keep these facts in mind. Whatever you find out, spread the word for improvement and awareness of other buyers. Keep the spirit alive of hearing tall tales and lessons through audiobooks.

Who is Abigail Young?

From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksAbigail Young is a Content Writer for Legacy Audio Books.

You can contact her by Email.