It was a full moon the other day, and Electra and I ventured downtown – something we rarely do. In fact, we hadn’t been downtown in a couple of months. So, I’m not sure what I expected to see, to be honest. Judging by the media horror stories, endless lines of homeless, perhaps, and forlorn pensioners queuing by ATMs?

I can tell you what I did not expect: A beautiful walk on the unpronounceable Dionisiou Areopagitou Street. The half dozen street bands that played anything, from rebetika to jazz. The leisurely pace. The relaxed atmosphere. The jasmine in the air. The amazing meal we enjoyed (Okay, that last one I did expect, as we had it at the excellent roof restaurant, Point-A – which is owned by our friend, Katia).

I also did not expect the surreal image of a young boy on a unicycle, spinning around a couple of teens with a remote-controlled helicopter hovering above, a few feet from a couple with a guitar, singing under the jasmine-covered fence under the Acropolis. I tried to capture all that on video, but the lighting was just too poor. Marginally better was the video I’m attaching here, but at least you can enjoy the music and Acropolis.

On that note (pun intended), I’ll leave you for a few days to recharge my batteries. No, I’m not going anywhere, but I’ve decided to have a break from my PC, as my eyes desperately need to be placed in screen-saver mode for a few days. Apologies in advance if I’m late in responding to your emails and comments. So, I wish you a lovely August 15th (it’s a big thing here in Greece), and I’m looking forward to rejoining you on the 24th with a 6-part special on Bookbub.

I’ll only be offline for a few days, but if you miss me, feel free to read my award-winning children’s book, Runaway Smile for free!

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