You all know how much I love short stories, right? Well, enough to have published two collections so far, Infinite Waters being the latest one.

I recently entered a new short story of mine in a competition organized by Almond Press. While on their Dystopian Stories site, I noticed they have this great page with all sorts of short story competitions, with prizes up to $14,000. Naturally, I had to share.

And if you’re looking to get your short story published, check with my publisher friend Dan Dombrowski: he’s looking for stories to include in the next issue of his excellent Nonlocal Science Fiction Magazine.

Competition Country Closing Date Max Words Entry Fee Top Prize
The Pigeonhole Short Story Competition International August 3rd 5,000 Free Publication
The Reading Room Short Story Comp International October 20th 2,000 £3 £50 + Publication
Less than 100 words International Weekly competition 100 £20 99p
The Short Story International Monthly 2000 £4.99 £250
Seán Ó Faoláin Short Story Competition International July 31st 3,000 £5 €500
“Aestas” Short Story Contest International September 30th 7,000 $10 $150
Wells Festival of Literature Writing Competition International July 31st 2,000 €15 €2000
Cro Magnon Short Story Competition 2015:
Primitive Humanity
UK September 31st 3,000 £5 £100
Ilkley Literature Festival Competitions International July 31st 3,000 £5 £200
Norwich Writers Short Fiction Competition International July 31st 3,000 £7 £500
The Irish Times Amateur Travel Writer Competition Ireland September 26th 600 Free Travel Assignment
Alfie Dog Short Story Competition International September 30th 2,000 Check website £200
2015 Rocky Coast Writing Contest for the Maine Review International 6pm (BST) every Friday 2,000 $10 $100
International Hysteria Writing Competition International August 31st 2,000 £5.00 £400
The British Fantasy Society Short Story Competition 2015 International June 30th 5,000 £5.00 £100, £50, £20
Daily Science Fiction International 1,500 $0.08
Bath Flash Fiction Award International Upon receipt of 1000 entries 300 £9 £1000
Erewash Writers Short Story Competition International 24th September 2,000 £3 £100
The Sunday Times Short Story Prize International 26th September 6,000 Free £30,000
Zoetrope All-Story’s Annual Fiction Contest International 1st October (tentative) 5,000 $35 $1,000
Aura Estrada Short Story Contest International 1st October 5,000 $20 $1,500
Danahy Fiction Prize International 30 November 5,000 $20 $1,000
Manchester Fiction Prize International 29th August 2,500 £17.50 £10,000
Scottish Arts Club Short Story Competition International 12th September 1,500 £10 £800

For an updated version of the page, don’t forget to bookmark the Dystopian Stories Creative Writing Competitions page. If you’d like to add an event to their list, you can contact them using this submission form.