I just found out that one of my favorite authors, Nat Russo, is giving away today both of his excellent fantasy books, Necromancer Awakening and The Road to Dar Rodon. Here’s a great opportunity to enjoy two of the best fantasy books I’ve read in a while.

Necromancer Awakening

Necromancer Awakening, by Nat Russo


Texas archaeology student Nicolas Murray has an ironic fear of the dead. A latent power connecting him to an ancient order of Necromancers floods his mind with impossible images of battle among hive-mind predators and philosopher fishmen. When a funeral service leaves him shaken and questioning his sanity, the insidious power strands him in a land where the sky kills and earthquakes level cities. A land where the undead serve the living, and Necromancers summon warriors from ancient graves to fight in a war that spans life and afterlife.

If Nicolas masters the Three Laws of Necromancy, he can use them to get home. But as he learns to raise and purify the dead—a process that makes him relive entire lifetimes in the span of a moment—the very power that could bring him home may also prevent his return. For the supreme religious leader, the Archmage Kagan, has outlawed Necromancy, and its practitioners risk torture and execution.

As warring nations hunt Necromancers to extinction, countless dead in limbo await a purification that may never come.

Nicolas’s power could be his way home…

Or it could save a world that wants him dead.

The Road To Dar Rodon

The Road To Dar Rodon, by Nat Russo

Erindor, the visionary fantasy world that ignited imaginations worldwide in Necromancer Awakening, comes to life once more in a story of vengeance and redemption in this latest novelette from Amazon bestselling author Nat Russo.

Mujahid Lord Mukhtaar, leader of the twelve necromantic clans, is one of the most powerful necromancers in Erindor. In the course of a single year, he is banished from his home, forced into hiding, and separated from those who need him most. When a long-awaited trip to one of his covens ends in betrayal and death, Mujahid sets out on a journey of revenge against the last men on Erindor he thought would betray him: the peace-loving Arinian priests of Dar Rodon.

But it’s the holy season, and the pilgrim road to Dar Rodon is both heavily traveled and heavily guarded. When Mujahid comes face to face with a lone Arinian priest, he has a choice: continue his journey across the desert in secrecy and solitude, or take the old man with him to discover the reason for the priesthood’s treachery.

The road to Dar Rodon may lead Mujahid through the desert of Erindor… but it will lead him through the desert of his soul along the way.

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