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I saw the other day in The Independent that Amazon is selling this 100 per cent cotton towel for only 0.8 trillion dollars (plus $4.49 shipping) – a steal. Naturally, I had to share. No, not for the towel itself, much as I can imagine everyone leaving this page to check it out on Amazon. No, I’m sharing because reviews are often a sore subject among authors, so I thought you’d appreciate these ones…

The Reviews

This is quite possibly the best towel ever made. I had to take out a second mortgage on my house and sell my children into indentured servitude but it was way worth it. The cotton alone must have been grown in heaven. Every time I dry off I feel like I’m wrapped in joy. Sometimes I will take this towel to the lake and fish jump into my boat just to be near it. Where ever you are, this towel will attract attention. Women and men will flock to you in the gym just to rub up on this fine piece of cloth. Do yourself a favor and buy this towel. It will change your life.

David H.

These towels cost 12-figures and they’re not even Amazon Prime eligible?? Sometimes it’s the little things that count.

Jonathan M. Price

Bargain. I’d pay double this for a good set of towels.

Richard H

A fantastic product albeit a bit pricey, had to sell off some bits around the house and invade a few countries. Can’t fault it though.

Daniel Finan

The finest towel a developed nation can buy.

Colin Bauer

Great towels. Five pounds for postage, though? Little bit expensive.


Three stars. You get what you pay for.

Josh Sargent

Thankfully, my award-winning children’s story, Runaway Smile, is much cheaper that a trillion bucks: you can read it for free on my blog!

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