Nonlocal science fiction magazine by 33rd Street Press - From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksYou may remember my recent Cover Reveal of the Nonlocal Science Fiction Magazine. Well, Issue #1 is officially on sale! I’m including links below to everywhere it is currently available:

My review

Here is my review, as posted on

Full disclosure: one of the stories that appear in this issue is by yours truly. I only wish I could say it’s the best one in the magazine.

Sadly, the competition was fierce, with another nine excellent stories to pick from. I particularly enjoyed The Assistant Assistant Port Keeper, with its atmospheric depiction of the everyday travails of a hapless bureaucrat, and Mazep-fal, with its excellent writing and perfect twist in the end, that reminded me of the old masters. Indeed, I bet that Philip K. Dick, a personal favorite, would have been happy to have penned it himself.

There’s also two serials, that leave you aching for more. Both are expertly written and have engaging characters and rich storylines that suck readers right into their worlds.

A very impressive first issue and a treat for science fiction lovers! I only hope Issue #2 is released shortly, as both serials leave us at a cliffhanger…

The issue includes eight short stories (one by yours truly) and two serials – ie ten great stories for Science Fiction fans! These include the following:

  • Delivery to Venus, by Robert Paul Blumenstein: The Earth has become a ball of ice as the sun slowly burns out. A team of scientists must face the ultimate questions of existence while they sow seeds on Venus.
  • Marigold’s Memory, by Reva Russell English: In a future where human memory is stored on microchip implants and bad memories can be erased, a young woman faces a terrible fate when a chip malfunctions.
  • In The Days Of Still Pictures, by H.C. Turk: In an alternate wild west where cowboys ride zebras and elephants pull wagons, a pair of traveling salesmen appear and stir up trouble with their magical wares.
  • Mazep-fal, by Daniel J. Dombrowski: A man who is both the youngest and oldest member of his tribe makes a terrible discovery on a pilgrimage to meet his gods.
  • Us and Everybody Else, by Valery Amborski: In the future, we’ll be able to escape, very literally, into our memories. But is it a good idea to live for the past?
  • Shoot the Devil, by Nicholas C. Rossis: What would you do if you could travel back in time? If you had the devil in your sites, would you pull the trigger?
  • Catalyst, by Aaron Hamilton: A daring escape in a stolen spacecraft and a mysterious and alluring rescuer leave a smuggler wondering what will happen next.
  • The Assistant Assistant Port Keeper, by Jim Rudnick: Life as an Assistant Assistant Port Keeper in a space port on the Rim has its highs and its lows. A visit from a particularly difficult species of traders presents an opportunity for both.
  • A Thin Atmosphere (Chapter 1) by Dan Colton: Mars City comes under attack by tunnel-dwelling Rebels in the first chapter of this old-school space adventure.
  • Deal Gone Bad (Chapter 1), by Thad Kanupp: Jack survives in a post-apocalyptic wasteland by scavenging guns and ammunition to trade for food. His life gets a lot more interesting when he meets a young boy.
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