From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksYay, exciting stuff! Pearseus: Vigil has now been released to into the wild to fend for itself on Amazon. This marks the rebranding of Rise of the Prince as book #1 in the series, with Mad Water now being #2 and Vigil #3. As per your suggestion, Pearseus: Schism has been relaunched as Book 0, or Prequel to the series.

I have now changed the book covers and updated their description to match the new classification. I will also change later today the 3-book bundle, to include Vigil instead of Schism, and will raise its price accordingly.

Speaking of prices, Rise of the Prince will now be just $0.99. Schism, instead, will sell for $1.99. I hope this will entice people to start the series with Rise. The two next books in the series will have a normal price of $2.99. Since the bundle now includes books worth $6.97 if bought separately, I was thinking of offering it for $3.99. What do you think? Too high? Too low?

That’s not all, though. I’d like your help in choosing my tag line, as I am between the following (the ones not selected will probably make fine Tweets):

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Once again, thank you for all your assistance! Don’t forget that you can either buy Vigil on Amazon, or ask me for a free ARC!