Most of you will probably recognize John Howell from his book, My GRL. John is currently the Rave Reviews’ Spotlight Author. He is here today to discuss the benefits Indie authors can get from joining the Rave Reviews Book Club.

Take it, John! 🙂

From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books

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This is the fourth stop on what has been a fantastic tour as a Rave Reviews’ Spotlight Author. If you would like to be chosen for this honor you need to be a member. To find out how go to the website and read all about it. You can also see all my tour stops listed under Spotlight Authors.

Today’s tour stop will cover the benefits that you as an Indie Author can realize should you want to join over Five-Hundred other authors who have a similar outlook on writing life as you. We all know how downright lonely this writing task can be. Let me ask when is the last time your family was totally enthralled at the dinner table by you regaling your writing triumph for the day? Show of hands if you can still discuss your writing with anyone who is not paid to listen to you. Bueller, Bueller. *crickets*

My point is in this highly competitive field it is nice to have a team to back you up when you are ready to go out into the world with your precious little creative effort. You need some folks to tweet your book’s availability and to help promote it on their blogs around the globe. You need a pack of writers who are not jealous of your accomplishments, but relish the opportunity to shove you into the stratosphere of bookdom.


Each month, we offer three NEW selections from three NEW genres to serve as Books of the Month.  Originally, we offered only one but of course, we are constantly seeking ways to profile, promote & propel more of our members so we decided to add three.  Those chosen for BOM should have an awesome read!  This is because we are asking our entire body of members to pick up a copy of your book and we don’t want to be known for that group that promotes “junk.”  We encourage all members of RRBC to continually strive to put out the very best written work possible.  If you find that the reviews from your book are not what you would have them to be, we suggest you take another look or better yet, enlist the services of a professional to do it for you.


Every four weeks, we select 4 individuals to serve as a Spotlight Author for one full week each!  During the SA’s week they get:  A full page profile of themselves, their books, their blogs, social media handles, etc; a 7-day blog tour, hosted and sponsored fully by RRBC;  they are provided with a professionally designed press release which is sent directly from our offices to media in their local area (television stations, radio stations, newspapers, etc.);  they receive a full page “WHO’S ON THE SHELF W/NONNIE JULES” interview (which members are clamoring to get on).


Each month we select one supportive individual to serve as Member of the Month (MOM).  The lucky recipient of this spot receives a full page dedicated to profiling them and their books, their blogs, their social media pages, etc for 30 days.  They also get a $10 Amazon gift card and an invitation to our exclusive VIP Lounge for our VIP members!


Each Tuesday, a lucky member wakes to find that they have been randomly selected to serve as our #PUSHTUESDAY ((#PT) Winner for the day!  For a full 24 hours, this person and their book are #pushed heavily on social media by our very supportive members!  Their name, title of the book, Twitter handle are all listed on the RRBC website (right-hand side Widget), for a full week, until the next winner is announced.  We have had member’s Amazon rankings to drop from the million mark, down to as low as #22 On Amazon’s Top 100 PAID list in a matter of hours!  The trick here is:  to become a #PUSHTUESDAY winner,  you have to support a #PUSHTUESDAY winner.  How do you do that?  Every Tuesday morning you will receive in your email a note informing of who the winner is for the day.  Simply use the#PUSHTUESDAY hashtag to tweet this member or retweet, and the following week you’re included in the random draw!

*PUSHWEEK:  Every full 1st week of each month, we select THREE (3) #PUSHTUESDAYwinners (Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays).  The same rules apply here from above.


It seems these days, EVERYONE wants to get on that shelf with our President, Nonnie Jules.  She offers the most entertaining and informing interviews ever!  As an SA, you automatically get a spot on this illustrious shelf, BUT, there are times when we use these interviews as give-a-ways to our supportive members.  It is a known fact, that a spot ON THE SHELF, garners book sales and major attention.  We have had some interviews to have over 300+ hits in a 24 hour period.  Each Thursday there is a different member ON THE SHELF and their interview remains on top of the line-up in the sidebar of each page on the RRBC site.  The good news is, THIS PAGE REMAINS EXCLUSIVE TO THE MEMBER FOREVER!  This is a great marketing tool so if you are lucky enough to score a spot ON THE SHELF, place the link to your interview on your blogs, your websites, and continually share the link on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and all of your social media forums.


If you are one of our uber-supportive members (supporting fellow members on social media, purchasing/reading/reviewing fellow member-author books, supporting our programs such as #PT, MOM, etc.) then you will be noticed and invited, via personal invitation, to the VIP LOUNGE!  This is a private place where all VIPs get to let their hair down and have fun!  And to top it off, once a month, a VIP will receive a special surprise!

So, you see, you get a TON OF SUPPORT from the house of RRBC when you are a member!  With the support of our roster of over 500 members at this time, your social media backing is incredulous!  (Always ensure that you are using the #RaveReviewsBookClub or #RRBC hashtags when you’re promoting your books via Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, etc. or even on your APPROVED MEMBER BLOGS & WEBSITES so that your fellow members can share your information on their end). And although we do not disclose certain criteria for making it into all of these seats, we would like for you to remember this:  THOSE THAT ARE MOST SUPPORTIVE HERE, ARE THE ONES WHO ARE MOST SUPPORTED HERE!  We’ll be watching!

***Once you’ve sat in an RRBC special “Hot Seat,” there is a 90-day waiting period before you are eligible for another seat, UNLESS it is a Contest Win!

***Not a member yet? JOIN US today!  As you can see, we’ve lots to offer!


From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksMy GRL can be found:

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