You may remember Harmony Kent from my August post on the release of her book, Elemental Earth. Today she’s here with us to talk about herself, as part of the Rave Reviews Book Club Spotlight blog tour.

Harmony Kent in her own words

Hi there! This is the fourteenth, and final, day of my RRBC Spotlight blog tour. You can find details of all my stops here.

I offer my utmost gratitude to all my wonderful hosts during this marathon tour! Thanks guys, you rock!

It has been an interesting time, putting together all these posts whilst trying not to be too repetitive. Especially, as until very recently, I have avoided writing anything much about my personal life. When I first published, I was an intensely private individual, and had no clue I would need to come out of the woodwork in order to get my work known. So naïve!

I dragged myself kicking and screaming onto social media, as they were the last places I wanted to be. Happily, the likes of Twitter have really grown on me, and I am much more at home ‘being out there’. One thing this tour has shown me, is that perhaps my own story can help others. I have had more than a comment or two, recently, urging me to consider writing my memoirs. So, who knows, perhaps that will be my next project, once I have closed off on the ones currently open.

I hadn’t really seen my life as that interesting, just one to be survived, and—if at all possible—to thrive through. I guess that some of the things I have experienced are somewhat out of the ordinary. I am just happy that I have come through in as good shape as I have, and that I am able to write and laugh and play.

I think that all of my books reflect my joy and enthusiasm in what I do. I am bowled over by the amazing responses of readers to my second book, The Glade, which also received an IndieBRAG Medallion in July. If my latest book, Elemental Earth, does anywhere near as well, I will be deeply content.

I had so much fun writing Elemental Earth, and Garl (the God of Gnomes) is one of my favourite characters. His sense of humour and dry wit are just so fresh and funny. I feel that he is the perfect counterpart for Sarah—especially in bringing her out of herself. It is interesting that I hadn’t actually planned on him being that way, he just kind of happened. He is one of those characters that really took on a life of his own.

For information on my latest book, please read on.

Elemental Earth (Book 1 of The Mysteries)

From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books

Young Adult Fantasy Fiction

“You turned the god of gnomes into a garden ornament?”

Sarah looked closely, but couldn’t tell if her dad was annoyed or amused—perhaps he was both …

Whilst 15 year old Sarah may be struggling to regain her feet, after being ripped from her everyday mundane life and ending up in a whole new dimension, she still knows how to have a bit of fun along the way. The Earth Elemental isn’t the only one whose feathers she manages to ruffle, and it’s only been four days. Meanwhile, her best friend is missing, and big trouble is brewing. She soon has a lot more to worry about than what happened to her phone or iPod, or even how much of an idiot Caleb obviously thinks she is.

Elemental Earth is the first book in The Mysteries series, and is aimed at Young Adults. Even if you’ve already reached an age where the young ones might call you ‘old enough’, if you’re still young at heart then you’re bound to enjoy these books just as much as the next—err—younger adult.

Age aside, perhaps we should be more worried about what further havoc Sarah’s antics might be about to wreak on the universe as we know it? We’d probably all be sleeping a lot more soundly if she’d only stuck to applied maths and the odd pillow fight. But no, sadly the lure of the proverbial rabbit hole proved just a tad too much. And now she’s taken the plunge, there’s no turning back.

You can buy Elemental Earth (Book 1 of The Mysteries) on Amazon.

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