From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksYou may know C.J. Heath from his fantasy novel, Dark Angel. You may not know that he has also written a novel called “Her name is James“. The book deals with a number of issues around family dynamics, sexual identity and, well, love.

CJ is giving away “Her name is James” until November 9th. In case you’re wondering, I decided to include his promo here despite the non-fantasy/SF theme, based on the great reviews his book has received.

Her name is James

When James Farrow’s father decided he wouldn’t have his 15 year old son under his roof any more, the boy was taken into care. Now James is 18 and is no longer the responsibility of Social Services. He returns home to an uncertain reception.
His volatile father has mellowed over time but his son seems intent to challenge his restraint. In the three years apart, James has taken the first steps toward the future he wants. He wants to make the transition to being the girl he wishes he had been born as.

With a defiant brother and a vicious former friend opposing him, James resumes a relationship with Tina, his friend since they were small and she is the only support he feels he can rely on.

When Tina declares her love for James, he is thrown into greater confusion and realises he has feelings for her.

Who is C.J. Heath?

Living in England on the Hampshire / Surrey border, CJ is a married to Sarah. He is the father of three grown sons and has a 19 year old deaf cat. He has written for pleasure for more decades than he cares to admit. Growing up on an old-fashioned country estate, he would often be found among the trees of a nearby wood with a book for company.

After receiving a generous payment to leave the Ministry of Defence in one of the rounds of Government budget economies, he turned his attention to writing with an aim to publish. Her Name is James is the first work he completed but Dark Angel was the first to be published. Dark Angel is the first of three stories. He is firmly focused on completing his current trilogy first, but also wants to return to what he terms as “Rip your heart out, character-driven stories”, such as Her Name is James.

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