This week has been a strange one: I passed the 5,000 followers’ mark on Twitter, and the 500 one on this blog and on my Facebook author page.

I’ve also been nominated for two blog awards: a Very Lovely Blog award by the gorgeous Shannon A. Thompson and a Liebster award by the very talented Robin Gott. This was the third award this blog has been nominated for, thanks to the lovely Marlena Hand, who had nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger award back in June.

Thank you Shannon, Robin and Marlena; I promise to post my answers to the awards’ questions very soon!

On top of that, I received a great review for Pearseus: Rise of the Prince by Nick Brown, author of the Agent of Rome series. An author previously unknown to me, who very kindly compared me to the recently deceased fantasy author Robert Holdstrock. High praise indeed!

I think he manages to merge genres fusing myth, sci fi and ideas in a way that Robert Holdstock managed, which is high praise indeed. In addition, as is customary with Rossis, the book is well paced and difficult to put down.
Being a writer myself who draws on Greece and Greek culture, I love the hints of an ancient past that permeate his fiction.

I apologize if it sounds like I’m blowing my own trumpet. Instead of pride, all I can feel is immense gratitude!

All this is not because I’m so darn special. It’s because you took the time to connect with me, read my books and my musings and share my photos, my experiences and my life.

So, all I can say is a heartfelt Thank You! You guys are the best! 🙂



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