By Daniela Espinoza,

By Daniela Espinoza,

I try to avoid posting every day, but this I had to share as soon as I found out about it. Popsonnet has taken it upon themselves to convert pop songs into Shakespearean sonnets.

Here is a small sample, which had me in stitches:

O sweet and noble lad, be not aggrieved!
Pray, lift thyself from off the cursed ground!
Thy travels long have left thee most deceived;
there is a sanctuary to be found.

They’ve pleasant lodgings for thee at a cost
amenable to one of little wealth,
and pastimes there – too many to exhaust –
to cleanse thy soul and fortify thy health.

Let not thy pride dissuade thee from their aid,
or think I speak of what I do not know;
for in my troubled youth, ’twas there I stayed
to lift myself from poverty and woe.

– We’ve cause to thank them over and again,
this brotherhood for good young Christian men!

(all together now: “It’s fun to stay at the…”)

You can read some more on Buzzfeed, or follow @popsonnet to read them on your Twitter feed as they are released!

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