Unlemoija, by Elle Boca You may remember Elle Boca and her Unlemoija series from my WIP blog tour. She is the author of the wonderful Weeia urban fantasy series set in Miami, Florida.

She has just published the third book in the series. I’m about 80% into it, and I love it. More light-hearted than the first two, it is nevertheless fun and exciting – urban fantasy at its best.

Today, I’m hosting a guest post by Elle, explaining the protagonists of her books.

Who are the Weeia?

By Elle Boca

Unlemoija: Spiritshifter by Elle BocaDo you wonder how or why it is that some people stand head and shoulders above others in their work? It there someone you admire especially? Say, a celebrity, athlete, singer, guitar player, chef or dancer. Perhaps the person you noticed is not known outside his or her field. It could be anyone, a dog walker who has a knack for understanding your pet pooch; an organic farmer with a green thumb, a steak rub maker with an uncanny ability to match flavors to perfection; an athlete who breaks world records; or a diver who can do impossible things in the water you.

Perhaps they are Weeia (pronounced way-yah), superhumans who are like you or me in almost every way except that they have extra abilities. They live hidden among us unnoticed. Who is Weeia? It’s hard to know. It could be your neighbor, the person behind you at the grocery store, your banker, boss or doctor, maybe a person you’ve known all your life.

Although many Weeia live in secluded communities, from time to time a few Weeia choose to live with people, usually in big cities where they’re most likely to blend in with the crowds. The abilities of Weeia among us are always explained away. They look like us; they hurt and bleed like we do. Test their DNA. Go ahead. You won’t find anything

Their superhuman abilities, which vary by type and strength, fall into four main categories: Emotional, Material, Mental, and Temporal. Weeia, it’s the same word for one or many, can be Lowes, Medius or Maximus. Lowes is the most common which might explain how extraordinary beings have lived on the same planet with ordinary ones for a long time without anyone, or hardly anyone, discovering their existence.

Weeia abilities are varied, some common and some rare. For example, there are Weeia who can move so quickly no one sees them. Others heal hyper fast. Some can read people’s thoughts; pick up impressions from inanimate objects; or move things with their mind. Others can influence people and issue commands that must obeyed without fail. Rare Weeia
control reality through dreams or travel in time.

Weeia abilities first manifest in young adults. Something strange is happening and the most recent generation is not developing abilities the way they should.

Amy McKnight is an exception. Raised as a human, she discovers her true Weeia nature and rare abilities without warning or preparation. After Loi, a new amplifier who has been unlocking Weeia abilities, is found dead under mysterious circumstances, his wife asks Amy and her friends to find out what happened. There’s a chance Amy may be able to
help young Weeia. To do so she’ll have to stretch outside her comfort zone and place herself in harm’s way.

Elle Boca’s Bio:

Elle BocaElle is the author of the Weeia urban fantasy series set in Miami, Florida in the United States: Unelmoija: The Dreamshifter and Unelmoija: The Mindshifter. Unelmoija: The Spiritshifter, the third book in the Weeia Series, was recently released.

Growing up the only child of a monkey mother and a rabbit father she learned to keep herself entertained and spend time reading. She makes her home in South Florida.

You can find her on: