The Power of Six, short science fiction stories, on July 4th saleJust in case someone was wondering what the big banner at the top is all about, I wanted to say that The Power of Six, my collection of six short science fiction stories by me and one by my long-lost-twin-brother-by-other-parents, Amos M. Carpenter, will be on sale on Amazon, until Monday 7/7/14, when the price goes back to $2.99.

If you wished to read it but have not bought it yet, this is a great opportunity to download it for pennies! Just head off to Amazon, knock on the door three times, wait, knock another three and tell them that Nick sent you. Wink, pay a buck, throw the cent into the fountain behind you, make a wish, take a sharp left and head off to the beach to enjoy your new book.

As always, if you do enjoy it, let your friends know (and write a glowing review). If you don’t, I expect the usual horse’s head on my pillow tonight. I’ll get the message.

Oh, and the link: Get The Power of Six for the price of a (smallish) bag of peanuts!