Now, you can’t say I don’t listen to you: I’ve only written the two posts this weeks, busy as I’ve been with Pearseus: Mad Water, therefore following your advice to tone it down a bit.

Just kidding, of course: The reason I’ve disappeared is that I’ve been writing and redesigning the book covers, according to your excellent suggestions. Having just finished, I wanted to share with you the new look. Please do let me know what you think. For example, is the numbering (Book 1, 2, 3 etc) large enough? Should I mention on Book 3’s cover that the other two books in the series have reached #1 on Amazon? Do they make you want to throw money at me  screaming, “shut up already and take my money”, or to gouge your eyes out while pounding the screen with a hammer?

What’s next: Mad Water is with Lorelei Logsdon, my editor and proofreader. I will publish it as soon as it’s back, namely next week. I took the opportunity to rewrite Schism (as the new name for the first  book in the series is), and I’m rewriting Rise of the Prince (the second book). All in all, the entire series got a revamp, which is always a nice thing, right? But more on that later…  For now, enjoy the new covers and a couple of extra illustrations – a Fallen and a Whisper – by Dimitris Fousekis. These will go into the books as a small bonus, but could also be used for bookmarks etc. I hope you like them!

Update: The cover for Mad Water has changed once again, to reflect a scene in the book, where Teo Altman wears a fine red leather jerkin to lead the cavarly into battle.